5 Great Facebook Events (and Why They Work) (2023)

As the social network with the widest reach, Facebook falls short2.8 billion monthly active users. But given the constant changefacebook algorithmand the changing demographics of the platform, manyMarketer on FacebookWhen it comes to their future on the platform, they are confused.

"How can I make sure my posts don't get lost?"

"Should we ditch organic reach entirely and go all-in on advertising?"

“Which ad is going to make us the most money anyway?

Perhaps the best way to break down the responses to these questions is to assess whatYWork for a brand today.

Now is the right time to rethink how you interact with Facebook and create activities that boost your business. That's why we've outlined some of the recent brand success stories, from amazing Facebook ad campaigns to clever posts that generate tons of likes organically.

With these examples of great Facebook marketing campaigns from big brands in mind, you can implement your own and kill yourself.

1. Love me

worship me, a lingerie brand known for celebrating women of all shapes and colors, has launched a self-love-themed Valentine's Day campaign. Instead of a stereotypical Valentine's Day theme about couples in love and dressing up for their partners, Adore Me gives women a chance to celebrate themselves.

The brand leverages its rich network of influencersCustomer Generated ContentStart a movement led by real women, for real women. Photos of lingerie products worn by women are interspersed with messages of empowerment and body positivity, making it easy for customers to buy the looks.

Even the little things can make an Adore Me campaign on Facebook special. For example, the CTAs and links to the product page in each social media post are aligned with the content.

I can't stop, I can't stop! 🎈 The narcissistic mood of Valentine's Day continues and it shows that we are in a very good mood. 💕 Comment below and let us know how you're celebrating this long weekend! 🍷http://adore.me/selflovevibes

editorworship meexistMonday, February 15, 2021

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To maximize lead reach, increase purchase conversions, and complement organic efforts, Adore Me took advantage of Facebook's targeting options.

Chloé Chanudet, director of marketing for Adore Me, said in a statement:per week of ads“Adore Me is increasingly impressed with the content created by its community of influencers. Facebook advertising products allow us to segment the content of macro (top of the funnel) and micro (for conversions) influencers. The distribution of influencer content at the brand level. Content is always a challenge and this level of targeting has helped us better find the right audience for our influencers.”

Ultimately, Adore Me's Valentine's Day campaign resulted in a 226% increase in purchase conversions compared to the brand's 2020 campaign, with a 6% lower cost per purchase.

Main points:Collaborate with influencers and leverage customer-generated content to create Facebook campaigns that truly reflect your values, your brand, and your customers.

2. Baby Owl Care

owl baby careOur mission is to keep babies safe so parents can relax, worry less and enjoy their parenting journey more. Its flagship product, a smart sock-like baby monitor, monitors baby's oxygen levels and heart rate while they sleep and notifies parents when the baby needs to be checked.

respectivelyEdison Research Center81% of moms use Facebook as a social network, making it the top channel for this demographic. The most important is,Oldest audience on Facebook25-34 is the right time to become a new parent.

Owlet Baby Care had a large audience, but in order to build brand awareness among new parents on Facebook and increase sales of smart socks, the brand knew they needed a "Great ad creation.“. When live studio productions were restricted due to COVID-19, the brand decided to try something new: soft colors accented against a night sky background, animated illustrations, smooth scrolling motions, and product highlights. Each of these ads also includes a Buy Now call-to-action button, which takes potential customers directly to Owlet's website.

Seth Lofgreen, director de marketing digital, Owlet Baby Caredilo facebook"This Facebook ad campaign demonstrated the importance of developing a visual story to sell product features while staying true to our brand promise of reassuring parents."

Owlet Baby Care used Facebook Ads Manager to create a side-by-side test that compared a new Facebook campaign to a previous campaign created by the studio and saw a clear return on their recent investment. New creative advertising motifs:

  • Increased return on ad spend by 6%
  • 19% increase in average order value
  • 60% less cost per purchase
  • 55% increase in click-through rate

Main points:Seize the opportunity when your typical creative process failsTry new creative options with low momentumen comparación con sus campañas anteriores.

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3. Jeni's delicious ice cream

Jenny's delicious ice creamCreate regular Facebook events and content that are just as cool as the name suggests.

At the heart of every campaign is engaging, colorful, interactive, and product-focused content. The brand's campaign to launch a new creamy birthday cake flavor is no exception.

Similar to how they introduced other flavors, Jeni also released a trailer and hinted at new flavors. Ahead of the product's launch, the brand piqued fan interest by releasing a virtual invitation to a surprise birthday party to "cater the taste buds born to celebrate."

Get to know the flavors that are made for parties. This Thursday.

editorJenny's delicious ice creamexistTuesday, February 23, 2021

Then, when the flavors were released, Jeni's used her Facebook account to host a proper celebration of a brioche birthday cake. stop motion confetti graphics,looks lively“Jump” on the bouncy house up closePhotos of products with clear descriptions."A fluffy, yellowish slice of cake (gluten-free!) with a festive, crumbly texture" - evenhired a balloon artistFor this event.

Best of all, Jeni has a built-in Facebook Shops tab, so you can enjoy it even if you don't have a Jeni location near you.

The party starts when the buttercream birthday cake arrives 🥳

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editorJenny's delicious ice creamexistSaturday February 27, 2021

Puntos principales:Don't be afraid to have fun at your event, but be consistent.


goproIt's living proof that competition on social media still has staying power. To promote its new HERO9 Black camera, the brand released its third yearbookmillion dollar challenge. The event invites GoPro fans from around the world to share their best GoPro raw images. The winner will receive an equal share of the brand's million dollars.

With over 10.9 million likes on their Facebook page, using the channel for this campaign was a natural choice. Over 80 days, more than 29,000 people from 125 countries submitted their HERO9 Black video clips. In the end, the brand collected 56 of those submissions into "a two-minute piece of content about what it means to be part of the #GoProFamily." They then posted the final cut on Facebook, which has now had over 664,000 views and counting.

GoPro Awards: Highlights from the Million Dollar Challenge | HERO9 Black

The highlights of the #GoProMillionDollarChallenge are here. In September we invite you to show us the world through your lens and capture the most significant moments in life. The result was 29,000 #GoProHERO9 Black submissions from 125 countries. Today, 56 of those submissions turned into a two-minute article on what it means to be part of the #GoProFamily. From the backyard to the field and beyond, it's all done for you. Congratulations to the 56 #GoProAward winners, who each received $17,857. Learn more: https://gopro.com/news/hero9-black-million-dollar-challenge-video

editorgoproTuesday, December 15, 2020

GoPro customers are essentially a community of developers. The brand's Facebook feed regularly features user-generated content, GoPro's most valuable creative asset. While $1 million may seem like a lot for an event like this, the brand gives people a platform to grow their business while also getting the word out about their new flagship.

After the game, GoPro continuesSchedule a Facebook PostIt includes quotes from all the winners, short films they submitted, and links to behind-the-scenes Q&A. GoPro's unique capabilitiesConvierta los envíos de videos en complementosIncreased the useful life of its activities.

#GoProMillionDollarChallenge Aerial Performance Honors Winner Martin Detroit 🌅⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ "Formation flight happens...

editorgoproexistTuesday, February 2, 2021

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carry off:Give back to your most loyal fans and immortalize their creativity.

5. Teaching operation

The Teaching Company is a leading developer of educational software. In the early days of the COVID-19 outbreak, the brand wanted to capitalize on people's growing ambition to learn something new.

Knowing that people had broadened their horizons during lockdown, they saw an opportunity to broaden their reach and increase subscriptions to their products.”wonderful course“. Unlike other brands that have reduced advertising spend, The Teaching Company has been able to expand.

At the center of the campaign are Facebook photo ads promising a month of free classes. But it's the choice of goal that has a big impact on how you achieve your goals. In Facebook Ads Manager, the brand expanded its typical age range and reached new audiences in the UK, Canada, and Australia by creating lookalike audiences with similar characteristics to the brand's "best" customers.

“During March and April 2020, we expanded our core targeting strategy from a narrow audience to a broader audience. This allowed us to reach new audiences, resulting in the highest level of targeting we've seen on the Facebook platform. client retention."Kim Phillips dice, Head of Marketing and Purchasing in a training company.

The numbers speak for themselves. Between March 15 and April 30, 2020, the campaign generated 5,540 signups, an increase of more than 10 times the total average monthly signups compared to the previous year.

Main points:You don't need fancy ideas or tricks to achieve your goals. Direct and targeted advertising at the right time generates conversions.

Next steps for Facebook events

Armed with examples of these marketing campaigns, keep reading these resources, which contain everything you need to know to run successful advertising efforts on Facebook:

  • How to make sure your Facebook ad strategy is foolproof
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Achieve your campaign goals and more

Running a Facebook marketing campaign can be a bit trickier than it used to be, but the strategies above are fair game for brands of all shapes and sizes.

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Mastering the algorithms is not the only challenge in campaign management. From brainstorming Facebook events to creating creative assets to tracking and reporting on performance, there's plenty to do.

Sprout Social is like a Swiss Army knife when it comes to campaign management. Everything you need to run a marketing campaign in one easy-to-use tool.read this guideFind out how Sprout can help you run the smoothest and most successful marketing campaign yet.


Are Facebook events effective? ›

Facebook Events are an excellent way to market your business and help grow your brand and drive traffic to online and offline events alike. If you want to learn more about Facebook marketing, make sure to check out our Facebook Marketing course.

Are Facebook events effective 2023? ›

Virtual events have gained tremendous popularity, and Facebook serves as an excellent platform for promoting webinars, virtual conferences, live streams, and online workshops. Its interactive features make it easier to engage with attendees.

What are Facebook event responses? ›

Event Responses: The number of people who responded Interested or Going to your Facebook event, attributed to your ads.

What makes an event successful? ›

It's often been said that the success of anything stems from good planning. So, if you're wondering what makes an event successful, then the best way to start is by making sure it is planned meticulously, comprehensively and accurately. And that means getting things moving well in advance.

What type of content is most successful on Facebook? ›

Video posts: Videos are the champion of content on Facebook and perform better than any other form of content. Videos are incredibly engaging, encourage interaction, and are often shared. Be sure to also add a subtitle to videos so they can be played and understood without sound.

How do you make a successful live event on Facebook? ›

Viewers can take time to tune in to a Live video, so plan around the start time and duration of your Live event: Before you go live, create a test broadcast to rehearse your event and adjust your settings. Only people with Facebook access can see your test. Schedule a Live event to give your audience advanced notice.

How do I run a successful competition on Facebook? ›

10 Tips to Run a Successful Facebook Giveaway or Contest
  1. Identify the goals of your Facebook giveaway.
  2. Pick an exciting prize relevant to your audience.
  3. Include the official rules and eligibility information.
  4. Use an attractive image and title.
  5. Keep it simple.
  6. Choose where to host your giveaway.
Aug 5, 2023

How to beat the Facebook algorithm 2023? ›

8 tips for working with the Facebook algorithm
  1. Understand what your audience wants to see. ...
  2. Create accurate and authentic content. ...
  3. Don't try to manipulate the algorithm. ...
  4. Engage with your audience. ...
  5. Get your audience to engage with each other. ...
  6. Post at the right time. ...
  7. Don't forget the basic status post.

What type of content performs best on Facebook 2023? ›

In terms of formats, video is the best-performing post type, with live video driving the most engagement, while posts with images generally perform better than those with straight text. We've also seen some success with memes to help improve reach and awareness.

Is it better to boost an event or a post on Facebook? ›

Is it better to boost a Facebook event or a Facebook post? If your main objective is to generate RSVPs for your event, boosting an event post is worth a test. You will be paying to reach the target audience you select with a post about the event from your page, therefore it is technically the same as boosting a post.

What are event types in Facebook? ›

Events take place either as a result of Facebook ads (paid) or organic reach (unpaid). There are two categories of events: standard and custom. Standard events are actions with predefined names that we recognise and support across ad products.

How do I get people to respond to my Facebook event? ›

We've put together 10 easy tips to make sure your Facebook Event reaches as many people as possible.
  1. Shorten The Name. ...
  2. Optimize Your Event's Image. ...
  3. Include Your Vendors & Sponsors. ...
  4. Limit Your Invitations. ...
  5. Ask Employees To Mark That They'll Be There. ...
  6. Ask Staff To Invite People. ...
  7. Ask People To Share It.

When should I post an event on Facebook? ›

You will get the most consistent engagement on weekdays from 9 am–3 pm. The worst day is Sunday, which sees the least amount of engagement. You will find the lowest engagement during early mornings and evenings before 7 am and after 5 pm each day.

What are the characteristics of a good event? ›

  • Characteristics of events are:
  • Uniqueness. Each event will be different. ...
  • Perishability. An event cannot be repeated in the same way. ...
  • Intangibility. ...
  • Ritual and ceremony. ...
  • Ambience and service. ...
  • Personal contact and interaction. ...
  • Labour-intensiveness.
Jan 5, 2012

How do I get more views on my Facebook event? ›

Best Ways to Promote an Event on Facebook
  1. Change your business' page settings so your Events are listed first when people find your business page. ...
  2. Share and pin your event to the top of your business page. ...
  3. Post a status highlighting the event from your business page. ...
  4. Optimize your event page for wider reach.
Mar 24, 2021


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