Alchemy of Souls ending explained: Mu-deok and Jang Uk die? Has Naksu returned to his original body? (2023)

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alchemy of souls

Alchemy of Souls ending explained: Mu-deok and Jang Uk die? Has Naksu returned to his original body? (6)

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SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: Extremely powerful and captivating K-drama from Netflix and tvNalchemy of soulsfinally found a tragic but heartwarming ending. With the season finale debuting on Aug. 28, fans experienced a number of emotions in episode 20 before the show ended, as the story took an unpredictable turn. Knowing full well that another season of the story will premiere in December 2022, fans have been wondering what will happen to Jung So-min's Mu-deok when Go Yoon-jung returns as Naksu.


Season 1 of 20 episodes of 'alchemy of souls' follows the journey of an elite assassin, Naksu, whose will is trapped in the body of a servant named Mudeok, who is rather weak in comparison. Set in Daeho, a fictional land, the series is a supernatural fantasy drama that follows the journey of young wizards as they overcome their twisted fates through a dark spell that allows souls to switch bodies. 'alchemy of souls' saw ratings soar from the start and now, after what happened to Jang Uk at the end, fans are eagerly awaiting a new season. imagine howalchemy of soulsExpression? Here's the season finale recap.



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What happens in episode 20 of Alchemy of Souls?

After Dang-gu and Cho-yeon's wedding party, Jang Uk asks Mu-deok to marry him. With nothing more than a smile from him, we skip to the season finale of Alchemy of Souls, which kicks off with Park Jin and Maidservant Kim discussing their upcoming nuptials. She hints that she would like to live with him in a small house, but Park Jin thinks she is asking for a gift. She is upset that he doesn't understand her feelings for him and runs to her quarters.


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Jang Uk finds her crying and asks what is bothering her. He revealed that he is also getting married soon, but the maid Kim thinks he is talking about Yoon-ok. After clarification, the servant Kim is shocked to learn that she is going to marry Mu-deok. Mu-deok speaks with Ju-wol and tells him that she has decided to marry Jang Uk. However, after a hilarious discussion about Jang Uk's impotence rumors, Ju-wol wishes Mu-deok all the best in her future with him.


Will Go Won find out anything about the Star King?

At the same time, Jin Mu promises to help Go Won kill Jang Uk, but Won claims that since Uk is powerless now, Jin-mu should worry that his past mistakes will haunt him as long as Jin Woo-tak is alive and guilty. He asks Jin-mu for a confession and a straight word, but Jin-mu claims that Jang Uk is still hiding his power. Jin Ho-gyeong mocks Jin Woo-tak for ruining his family and mocks him for falling for Jun-mu's lie.


Meanwhile, Jin-mu plans to kill Woo-tak out of fear of being exposed and attempts to use one of Queen Ha-sun's soul potions to finish the job. Meanwhile, Jin-mu also possesses the bells used by Shaman Choi, suggesting that Jin-mu would use them against Jang Uk.

¿Se casan Jang Uk y Mu-deok?

Jang Uk and Mu-deok are at the ring maker with the yin and yang jades, while Jang Uk's old marriage prospects make Mu-deok jealous. She argues with him for a while, but after he reassures her that Mu-deok is the one for him, she lets go of her anger.


While Yul is still recovering from his wound, he continues to suffer from pain. Yoon-ok tells him that So-yi's blood was used to treat him. Yul asks him to keep his condition a secret and hope he recovers soon. The current So-yi still feels guilty and hopes that Yul will get better soon.

Meanwhile, maid Kim accepts Mu-deok as Jang Uk's future partner and also tells him about Park Jin's indifference and her feelings for him. Jang Uk finds Park Jin deep in thought as he confesses that he and maid Kim will be leaving the capital after Dang-gu's wedding. Park Jin is saddened by his threat to leave with maid Kim indefinitely.


Jang Uk asks her to confess her feelings and make her stay. Maid Kim is crying and considering staying behind when Park Jin arrives and gives her balm as a promise of a future together. Master Lee watches them from afar and after a while cries when he is alone.


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Can Jin-mu figure out who Naksu is?

Worried that Jin-mu might reveal the secret that Jang Uk is the crown prince, Park Jin vows to kill the magician. However, the mage plans to cast a Soul Ejector Curse when he is informed that Jang Uk is planning to leave the city. Jin-mu finally puts two and two together and realizes that Mu-deok is Nak-su (Naksu). He tries to test Naksu's powers by casting a spell and ringing the bells, but discovers that Mu-deok doesn't have his powers.


Jang Uk also confesses to Master Lee that he no longer has the Ice Stone's power. Master Lee tells Jang Uk that Mu-deok will be fine until he unleashes Naksu's power, which he says is impossible in Mu-deok's frail body. So-yi is caught trying to steal Woo-tak's painkillers for Yul. Ho-gyeong is shocked when So-yi reveals Bu-yeon's (Mu-deok) sale and explains that her real daughter is still alive.


On the condition that they escape safely, So-yi promises to tell Ho-gyeong more about Bu-yeon's identity. Park Jin confronts Go Won and reveals the truth about Jin-mu. He lies to Won, saying that it must be the King's Star, as it was there the night the Ice Stone was released. Won believes that it was Jang Uk who unleashed his power, but Park Jin tries to deceive him by continuing to lie.


What happens to the crown prince in Alchemy of Souls?

Go Won meets Mu-deok and he expresses his anger at her going out with Jang Uk. He wishes them harm and asks them to leave. Three out of four seasons without Cho-yeon meet Dang-gu for pre-wedding drinks. Yul and Jang Uk make fun of Dang-gu because Cho-yeon's family controls him, but he claims the two are jealous. Yul reveals that the person he really has feelings for is not Mu-deok, while Jang Uk reveals that he has been planning his move. Yul is still in pain when Ju-wol brings him some medicine and a note So-yi left for him.


Upon learning that Go Won is still unaware of Jang Uk's power, Jin-mu reveals the truth about Jang Uk to the Crown Prince, which angers him. Jin-mu convinces him to destroy Jang Uk. Jang Uk is confused to learn that the maid Kim and Mu-deok have had a few drinks. In her drunken state, Mu-deok is about to reveal that she is Naksu, but Jang Uk takes her away. That night, before going to sleep, he tells her that he likes her a lot before kissing Jang Uk.


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Quem Jin Woo-tak's eyes?

Jang Uk faints and vows to tell Mu-deok what Master Lee said when they left town. Later that night though, Jin-mu starts ringing the bells which awakens Naksu in Mu-deok's body. On the wedding day, Jang tells Uk Yul that he doesn't know Mu-deok's whereabouts. Meanwhile, Mu-deok's body arrived. Jin-mu casts a spell to unleash the assassin's powers. Mu-deok's body can no longer contain Nak-su's soul as he prepares to embark on a quest.


With Jin-mu ordered to kill Jin Woo-tak, Naksu (as Mu-deok) goes on a killing spree. He is about to kill Woo-tak when Cho-yeon intervenes. Woo-tak claims that Mu-deok is Naksu's killer. Both Dang-gu and Cho-yeon fail to stop Naksu before he kills Woo-tak (Mu-deok's father). Naksu begins to have memories of his childhood, but moves on to his next target: his father's killers.


Jin-mu enters the wedding to the ringing of bells as a wounded soldier rushes to warn Park Jin of Mu-deok/Naksu's killing spree. Jin-mu explains that Mu-deok is Naksu and that she is a soul changer. On the other hand, when Naksu is about to kill Dang-gu and Cho-yeon, the soldiers arrive and she is busy with them while the newlywed couple escapes.


Who kills Jang Uk?

With soldiers from Park Jin's team and also from Jin-mu's team to kill Naksu, Park Jin is about to shoot an arrow at him when Jang Uk sheaths Mu-deok. Unaware of his own actions, Mu-deok stabs Jang Uk with his sword. Instead of letting her go, Jang Uk hugs her. He tries to communicate with Mu-deok, who wakes up and realizes what he has done. She holds his hand and sobs until the bells start ringing again, putting her in a trance as Naksu's soul takes over her body.


She flies away as Cho-yoeon mourns Woo-tak and Park Jin mourns lifeless Jang Uk. Like Naksu's earlier in the season, Jang Uk's body has been preserved. Dang-go and Cho-yeon are determined to kill Naksu, and Yul sets out to find So-yi. Jin-mu tells King Go and Prince Go Won that it was Naksu who performed the alchemy of souls, and they assume that she is here to avenge her father's death.


What will happen to Mu Deok? Is Jang UK alive?

Alone in the forest, Naksu (in Mu-deok's body) is tormented by Jang Uk's voice. Maid Kim cries when Park Jin tells her that Jang Uk was cremated in her absence. Everyone mourns Jang Uk as Mu-deok stands at the end of the cliff as the bells stop ringing and Mu-deok's body begins to decompose.

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Master Lee looks at Jang Uk's pyre and swears that he, the Star King, will return. Meanwhile, Jang Uk emerges from the pyre unharmed, while Mu-deok throws herself into the water as two people try to pull her out.


How did Naksu come back to life? ›

He manipulated Naksu with sorcery, and she stabbed Jang Uk in the heart. In the end, she jumped into the lake and met her demise. However, Jang Uk had the ice stone inside him, which brought him back to life.

What happened to Naksu's body in Alchemy of Souls? ›

Master Lee explains the body did not petrify at first because Bu-yeon is a powerful priestess. But he reveals Nak-su did not inhabit the body because of the Alchemy of Souls. While using the soul ejector to start the process, Bu-yeon sensed Nak-su's power and trapped her soul within her body.

What happens to Mu-deok in Alchemy of Souls? ›

In the second season of Alchemy of Souls, it was revealed that Mudeok was, in fact, Jin Bu-yeon and was rescued by the Jin family with the help of Senior mage Lee. He did keep the fact to himself for three years. Jang Uk and Naksu were, however, meant to meet again.

Will Alchemy of Souls have a happy ending? ›

Alchemy of Souls Light and Shadow concludes on a happy note, relieved fans call it 'best K-drama in history': 'Pulled such bold moves. ' Alchemy Of Souls ends on a happy note.

Is Mu-deok part of the Jin family? ›

Mu-deok's fate was unclear at the end of season one but she has returned in this new season in a new form. She is now Jin Bu-yeon, the long-lost eldest daughter of the Jinyowon mage clan, but she has lost her memory.

Is Mu-deok and Naksu the same? ›

Naksu, a soul shifter, had shifted her soul into the body of a blind girl, Mu-deok, in the first part of 'Alchemy of Souls'. However, Jang Uk, a member of a noble family, discovered her secret. He promised to keep her secret if she became his teacher.

Is Naksu a mage? ›

Bu-yeon and Naksu are equally strong and capable, albeit in a different way - Naksu as a warrior mage forged in battles and blood, just like her sword, while Bu-yeon as a priestess. They both have their strengths and weaknesses.

What happened in the last episode of Alchemy of Souls? ›

Will Mu-deok be in season 2 of Alchemy of Souls? ›

Mu-Deok will take a minor role

Jung So-min who acted as Mu-Deok in Alchemy of Souls Season 1 will no longer play a major role as she did in the first season. Mu-Deok played an excellent role in the first season, which won the hearts of the viewers quickly.

Who is the real father of Jang Uk in Alchemy of Souls? ›

Later, Park Jin meets Kim Do-ju and the two know the real father of Jang Uk who is none other than the late king because of the things left behind by Jang Kang.

Who is the strongest mage in Alchemy of Souls? ›

Even without the power of the ice stone or the soul ejector, Master Lee could preserve his soul in the body of a small beggar. No one else was able to achieve that throughout the series, so he is undoubtedly the strongest mage in “Alchemy of Souls“.

What is the end goal of alchemy? ›

Simplified, the aims of the alchemists were threefold: to find the Stone of Knowledge (The Philosophers' Stone), to discover the medium of Eternal Youth and Health, and to discover the transmutation of metals.

Does Naksu get her memories back? ›

In private, Jang-uk speaks to Lee and admits that most of Naksu's memories have come back… but not all of them. The jade stone calls to Uk though, and he head out to find Naksu surrounded by a barrier.

Who did Jang Uk end up with? ›

But the Alchemy Of Souls season 2 finale showed a rather satisfying ending where Jang Uk and Naksu live happily ever after.

Why did the father stop alchemy? ›

As an additional precaution against alchemists, Father stationed himself underground above the tectonic plates so that he can negate any form of alchemy that derives its power from tectonic energy.

Is Naksu and bu yeon the same person? ›

The person who treated her also told her that once she gets her memory back, she will also get her divine powers too. Now, the body may be Bu-yeon's, but we do get confirmation, finally, from Master Lee Cheol about what's happening. It turns out the spirit inside Bu-yeon's body is actually Naksu's.

Does Deok Im become a concubine? ›

Eventually, Deok Im ends up as the Crown Prince's personal maid and they become very very close. The Crown Prince repeatedly confesses his love for Deok Im but she always rejects his advances. She always says she doesn't want to become a royal concubine because she wants to live her life as she pleases.

Is my deok the ice stone? ›

The K-drama revealed that Mu-deok is Bu-yeon, the Jin family's long-lost daughter and also born from the Ice Stone.

Who is Jang Uk in love with? ›

The fan explains Jang Uk is attracted to Bu-yeon but sees it as a betrayal of his love for Nak-su.

What was Naksu's father role? ›

Naksu's past

Her father, Cho Chung, was a constellation recorder mage; he used to record the position of stars in Cheonbugwan.

Who is the mother of Mu-deok? ›

Jin Ho-gyeong (Park Eun-hye) still looks for her daughter with the help of her husband. But Alchemy of Souls soon has fans speculating that the missing daughter is Mu-deok. By episode nine, fans learn the queen is shaman Choi and is working with Jin Mu (Jo Jae-yun) to swap souls.

Will Jung So Min be replaced in Alchemy of Souls? ›

Alchemy of Souls: Light and Shadow

It was also confirmed that it will air 10 episodes in the part 2 with Go Yoon Jung taking on the female lead role of Nak Su instead of Jung So Min who played Mudeok.

What will happen to Seo Yul in Alchemy of Souls? ›

Yul is bound to die once the parasite eats away all of his energy. On the other hand, Jang Uk comes back to his senses and tells Bu Yeon not to sleep next to him, but she makes him realize that, because of her energy, the ghosts have disappeared, and he can now sleep peacefully.

What does Naksu name mean in Alchemy of Souls? ›

Anyways, the reason why Jin Mu named Jin Bu Yeon, “Naksu”, was because he was naming her after the very thing she was trying to do the day he was with her which was to make falling water/rain happen.

Who is the queen in Alchemy of Souls? ›

Seo Ha-sun (Kang Kyung-heon / Shim So-young) is the Queen of Daeho, mother of Crown Prince Go Won, a member of Seo family and aunt of Seo Yul. Her soul was trapped inside the body of Shaman Choi who then enters Queen's body.

Has Alchemy of Souls ended? ›

Alchemy of Souls then returned on December 10, 2022, with a new title — Alchemy of Souls: Light and Shadow — that ended on January 8, 2023. If Alchemy of Souls does return, then new episodes could arrive by the end of 2023.

Will there be a season 3 in Alchemy of Souls? ›

At the time of writing, tvN and Netflix have not renewed Alchemy of Souls for season 3.

Will Mu-deok return in Alchemy of Souls? ›

However, after months of speculation regarding her involvement in the second season, Jung So-min – who starred as Mu-deok and Nak-su in season one – has so far not returned to the series, and remains the only cast member to do so.

Who plays Naksu in season 2? ›

Instead of Jung So Min, who played Mu Deok in Part 1, Part 2 will star Go Yoon Jung as Nak Soo, who previously inhabited Mu Deok's body in the first season.

Why did they change the actress in Alchemy of Souls? ›

The original actress stepped down after a 15-episode run due to a “difference of opinions” with the directing team. Hyun Jung was replaced by actress Park Jin Hee, who played the lead role for the next 19 episodes.

Who portrayed Naksu in Alchemy of Souls? ›

Here are some trivia about Go Youn Jung, who played Naksu and Cho Yeong in “Alchemy Of Souls” and is currently portraying Jin Bu Yeon and Naksu in “Alchemy Of Souls Light And Shadow.” 1.) Born on April 22, 1996, Go Youn Jung is currently 26 years old.

Who is the great mage choi? ›

Choi is the strongest mage-type hunter in Korea and implied to be around Baek's level of strength. However, he is still significantly weaker than his lieutenant Cha Hae-In. Fire Magic: Choi is the best fire user in Korea and is rumored to be able to destroy a tall building with a single spell.

Who is the true danju in Alchemy of Souls? ›

Shaman Choi

She got into the body of the Queen of Daeho, which earned her immunity. Shaman Choi could be reached by no one else but Jin Mu, eunuch Kim and her brother, Jin Woo Tak. She was also the real Danju preparing all the soul ejectors from the ice stone.

Who is the king of mage? ›

Solomon, who was named the King of Magecraft (魔術王, Majutsu Ō?) for his mastery over magecraft, was the son of David and Bathsheba. Alive from around 1011 BC to 931 BC, he ruled as the third King of ancient Israel, and was said to be a great king who made the country enormously prosper.

What is the highest form of mage? ›

Classification by Station:
  • [Apprentice Mage]
  • [Archmage] - Highest [Mage] class / Apex of all [Mage] classes. ...
  • [Grand Mage] - Educator and over level 40.
  • [Grand Magus] - Second highest [Mage] class / Below only [Archmage] ...
  • [Hedge Mage] / [Hedgemage] - Self-educated, usually low-level. ...
  • [High Mage] - Generalist with high levels.

What is the alchemical child? ›

The alchemical child represents the union of opposites. It also represents Diana, given her chimera genome, and also the love shared between Diana, a witch, and Matthew, a vampire. Diana and Matthew are opposites; it doesn't really get more different than a witch and a vampire shacking up together.

What is The Alchemist main message? ›

In the novel, even alchemy, the central symbol of the book, entails coaxing metal to achieve its own Personal Legend to turn into gold. As a result, the idea that all individuals should live in the singular pursuit of their individual dreams emerges as the primary theme of The Alchemist.

What is the final stage of alchemy? ›

Stage Six: Distillation

It marks the point at which our essence becomes spiritualized. In others words, in spiritual alchemy, distillation is a metaphor for the actualization of one's spirit. In Jungian terminology, this stage also involves the assimilation of any shadow aspects into our true self.

Will Naksu return in season 2? ›

Alchemy of Souls Season 2 Episode 8 Reactions: Naksu's Return Has Fans Screaming Everywhere!

Do the werewolves in the order get their memories back? ›

The Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose used Pulveris memoria to erase the Knights memories of the Order. They also confiscated all the magical objects from their den. As they began to resist the effects of the memory erasing, Alyssa Drake finally decides to secretly give them their memories back while they join The Order.

Will Alchemy of Souls Season 2 have a happy ending? ›

Share: Alchemy of Souls Season 2 ended how fans had hoped after a few close calls for its main characters. The fantasy K-drama ended happily as Jang Uk, the characters, and Bu-yeon saved the world from another Great Chaos with the Fire Bird.

Does Ji Un get married? ›

In exchange for keeping her secret, Ji-Un agrees to marry So-Eun.

What happens to Jang Hanseo? ›

Han-Seo died thanks to his brother shooting him in the stomach.

Who does Yoo Nabi end up with? ›

Ever since Yumi and Babi (Jinyoung) get back together, Yumi's love cell is no longer her primary cell. In fact, all the other cells mention that they have no idea where love cell is, which inadvertently implies that Yumi does not love Babi anymore.

Is Sloth Edward's mother? ›

However, Edward refuses to consider Sloth as his mother to the point of saying Homunculi don't have souls, even though Al does and Sloth, to her own hatred, does as well.

What does the Catholic Church say about alchemy? ›

Spondent quas non exhibent (sometimes referred to as Spondent pariter) was a papal decretal promulgated in 1317 by Pope John XXII forbidding the practice of alchemy.

Does Ed lose his alchemy forever? ›

In all versions of the storyline (manga, 2009 and 2003 anime), Ed loses his ability to perform alchemy at the end of the series (albeit in different ways). All versions also end with Ed on a train, still having some kind of automail and being in peace with what happened.

How will Alchemy of Souls end? ›

Jang Uk and Naksu's story was headed towards a bitter-sweet ending before the finale as viewers were made aware of the fact that Naksu's soul will perish from Buyeon's body. But the Alchemy Of Souls season 2 finale showed a rather satisfying ending where Jang Uk and Naksu live happily ever after.

Who is BuYeon alchemy of souls? ›

For those who might not know, "Alchemy Of Souls: Light And Shadow" is the second part of "Alchemy Of Souls", which now posits Go YounJung as Naksu/Jin BuYeon instead of Jung SoMin as MuDeok. Jang Uk (Lee JaeWook) has risen from the dead and now holds the energy of the ice stone within him.

Does Alchemy of Souls have a sad ending? ›

The events then come to an end and we are taken to one year later in the future where calm fills Daeho. Park Jin and Kim Do-ju live a peaceful life while taking care of Park Dang-gu and Jin Cho-yeon's twin boys while Jin Ho-kyung pushes the couple to have twin girls to inherit the Jin family name.

Is Jin Bu-yeon still alive? ›

Naksu's soul is what's inside, along with her memories, which Ho-Gyeong decided to imprison and lock up, playing out the façade that Bu-Yeon is still alive. However, if she regains her divine power then all that work will be destroyed, as Naksu's memories will come flooding back- including her time with Jang-Uk.


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