American domestic shield | Home Warranty Reviews (2023) (2023)

Pros and Cons of the American Home Shield (AHS)


  • Flexible Service-Anrufrate
  • Covers undetectable pre-existing conditions
  • Offers generous coverage limits.

In contrast

  • Limited additional coverage options
  • Does not serve Alaska and Hawaii

States covered by the American Home Shield (AHS).

American Home Shield serves 48 states excluding Alaska and Hawaii. Please refer to the condition map below for detailed information:

American Home Shield plans and coverage

AHS offers its customers three comprehensive and affordable plans:silver shield,EscudoOro, Ofescudoplatina. In addition, you can select optional items along with these plans at additional cost.

The ShieldSilver plan only covers a few major home systems and does not include any devices. On the other hand, ShieldGold, including the systems covered by the ShieldSilver plan, also covers kitchen and laundry appliances.

Finally, the ShieldPlatinum plan offered by AHS is comprehensive and covers everything included in the previous two plans, also covering your roof, air conditioning and other household essentials. Let's take a look at the American Home Shield plans:

systems and devices



silver shield

electrical system

sewage system

heating and cooling system

washing devices

kitchen utensils

Repair of roof leaks

Free HVAC tuning

Unlimited Air Conditioning Refrigerant

Coverage by the Force Code and licenses

optional cover

AHS offers the following items as optional coverage that you can purchase with your warranty plan at an additional cost.

swimming pool or spa$20.99/month
septic pump$4.99/month
good pump$9.99/month
guest unit$20.99/month
electronic plan$14/month
Repair of roof leaks$9.99/month

Use– The roof leak repair cap is optional on ShieldSilver and ShieldGold only, but is covered by the ShieldPlatinum plan.

The example AHS contract below provides additional details on items covered as optional coverage..

American domestic shield | Home Warranty Reviews (2023) (1)

American domestic shield | Home Warranty Reviews (2023) (2)

American domestic shield | Home Warranty Reviews (2023) (3)

American domestic shield | Home Warranty Reviews (2023) (4)

Image description:Optional AHS coverage from official AHS contract document

Read our in-depth guide to learn more what does a household warranty cover.

AmericanHausShield Warranty Exclusions

The following items are generally excluded from AHS coverage options:



Radon Monitoring Systems



cosmetic damage


pest damage


Home Management Systems

Bio-organic growth


exhaust lines

fire extinguishing systems

The company also stated that it is not responsible for necessary repairs or replacements if the malfunction is due to missing parts, components or equipment.

Additionally, all home warranty companies include annual coverage limitations in terms of how much liability that company has in repairing and replacing covered items. The AHS Home Warranty coverage limitations are as follows:


system limits

device limits

silver shield




$3,000 per device



$6,000 per device

AdviceWe encourage you to read the American Home Shield Plans Service Agreement so that you are not surprised by a denied claim, as there may be other exclusions or limitations.

US residential sign costs

AHS offers competitively priced plans starting at $29.99 per month, which are among the most affordable basic plans in the industry. The cost of their comprehensive plans, SheildGold and ShieldPlatinum, also start at $39.99 and $49.99, which is significantly lower than the industry average. However, the cost of these plans depends entirely on the service call rate that customers are willing to pay.

AHS offers three rate options for service calls: $125, $100, and $75, and customers are expected to select one on which to calculate their rates. The table below shows the cost structure of the plans offered by the company:

silver shield



Cost of $125 service call fee


$ 49,99

79,99 US-Dollar

Cost of $100 service call fee

39,99 US-Dollar

$ 59,99

$ 89,00

Cost of a $75 service call fee

$ 49,99

$ 69,99

99,99 US-Dollar

Descontos American Home Shield

The AHS offers various discounts for its members. A $25 Amazon gift card is available for referrals, a device rebate program, and $50 off multiple items.

American Home Shield Reliability and Customer Service

American Home Shield is consistently ranked among the top home warranty companies on most review platforms. The company has been rated 4 out of 5 on our platform based on over 16,000 user reviews. Most customers shared their satisfaction with the timely services.

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One of the highlights of AHS services is that they provide coverage regardless of age, known or unknown medical conditions, lack of maintenance records, and inadequate facilities. They are among the few companies that offer these many considerations to their customers.

AHS has received some negative feedback recently, particularly regarding the billing process. Customers occasionally complained about overbilling incidents and demanded the company's attention.

Also, the cost structure of AHS is a bit complicated as it depends on the franchise choice. This can be confusing and lead to misunderstandings, especially for older customers.

Generally, for the price they charge, the services offered by AHS are above the industry standard. However, they need to optimize their pricing strategy to improve customer experience.

AmericanHausProcess for registering shield claims

American Home Shield allows users to submit a claim online or by calling the customer service phone number.In addition, you can track and track past service requests. You may submit claims at any time through the American Home Shield Claim Registration website by following the instructions below:

  • Call or visit the customer service numberAHS-Websiteand submit your service request.
  • Customer representatives will take the details and verify that the item is covered. AHS authorization may take 24-72 hours.
  • Once your request is approved, AHS will schedule a service visit.
  • A technician will visit you shortly to complete the repair or replacement service.
  • You must pay the fee for the service call to the technician. Depending on the plan you choose, this amount can be $75, $100, or $125.

Use– AHS does not charge additional fees for emergency services, but it is up to the company to determine if you need one.

How do I buy an American HomeShield Home Warranty?

You can go to their website and click BUY PLANS to purchase an AHS Household Guarantee. After that, you need to fill out an application. Upon submission, AHS will provide you with a sample agreement that includes specific information such as plans, pricing, limits, exclusions, terms and conditions.

You can read the fine print carefully and make sure you understand your offers. If you enjoy their services and wish to purchase another AHS Home Guarantee, please fill out another form and make the required payment.

An owner needs to be aware of certain factors that can influence the purchasing decision. Discover them in ourhow to buy home guaranteeArticle.

methodology, we are committed to providing you with detailed home warranty reports for you to choosebest guarantee company for homeand make the best of it. We examine, compare and analyze companies for the following factors:

  • Prices:we compare themCost of the home guarantee planand determine if they are profitable. The price includes monthly/annual premiums, deductibles and customer discounts.
  • Roof:We compare the plans offered by different home guarantee companies. Coverage includes additional systems, devices, and offerings.
  • Expectations:We analyzed customer reviews and determined how satisfied customers were with the complaints procedure, handling and response times.
  • Transparency:We verify that the home warranty company is licensed in the relevant industry and provide details on CEOs, contractors and various resolved claims.
  • singularity:We analyze whether the company offers additional services, benefits or coverage alternatives that differentiate it from the competition.
  • Customer retention:In our complaint resolution program, we evaluate the decision of home warranty companies responding to consumer issues.

Editorial note on American Home Shield

We believe American Home Shield is a trusted company in the industry with many positive customer reviews. Their plans are reasonably large and reasonably priced, and their coverage criteria are among the most liberal in the industry.

AHS is particularly useful for those who do not have proper maintenance records for their systems and equipment. Make sure you have a good understanding of your pricing policy before finalizing the development.


American Home Shield offers three plans at competitive prices. His payment history of more than $2 billion in claims settlements is commendable. However, be sure to read the fine print of the contract before making your final decision.

Quick details about the company

Here are some of the key details about the American Home Shield:


in Andermann

Founded in



Rex Tibbens


Memphis, Tennessee, USA

company type

listed company

Why should you trust HomeWarrantyReviews?

  • We are America's premier independent home warranty verification and research platform and have been in business for over 14 years.
  • We list more than 80 companies with us
  • We have almost 100,000 real and verified customer reviews
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  • We enable users to contact company representatives directly to resolve issues through our grievance resolution program.

Frequently asked questions about the American home sign


Who Owns the American Home Shield?


The organization that owns American Home Shield is Frontdoor, Inc. Frontdoor is a public company that owns OneGuard, Landmark, HSA Home Warranty, Streem, Terminix, and AHS.


O American Home Shield vale a pena?


American Home Shield's numerous fee-for-service options, free cancellation policy, and nationwide availability can make it a good investment for homeowners. Now that they also cover rust damage, improper installation, and other things their competitors typically don't cover, the AHS Household Warranty might be worth considering.


Will AHS replace my air conditioner?


American Home Shield's warranty covers air conditioners and may offer to replace yours if they feel it is beyond repair. If they don't provide the replacement themselves, they offer a pro-rated refund of the AC unit's depreciated cost. That depends on your criteria.


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When should I buy an AHS Home Warranty?


Purchasing an AHS Home Warranty is a good idea for homes older than four years, especially after the original warranties on home appliances and systems have expired. Sellers and buyers of old properties can also benefit from thisHome Warranty Coverage. If you have a lot of old systems and equipment, save money to cover for common breakdowns caused by age and wear and tear.


Do I need a home guarantee from American Home Shield if I have home insurance?


An American Home Shield warranty plan is not the same as home insurance.Homeowners Insuranceprovides liability insurance for damage or loss due to flood, fire, disaster, etc.

On the other hand, an AHS home warranty plan can be thought of as home repair insurance that offers discounted repairs and replacements. American Home Shield insurance is not home insurance per se, but a home guarantee plan that is legally different.


Is a home inspection required before buying a home warranty?


American Home Shield requires noneHausinspektionbefore you buy your home guarantee plans. You also don't need service records. However, it would be wise to get one to prove that your devices had no undetectable prior defects.


Will my old device be taken over by the AHS?


American Home Shield provides protection for home systems and devices regardless of age, make or model. Provided that your systems and devices meet the criteria specifiedhouse guarantee contract, they are not denied coverage just because they are older


Does American Home Shield have a waiting period?


Once you purchase your home warranty plan, there is a 30-day American Home Shield waiting period to ensure claims are due to normal wear and tear and not pre-existing damage. Ensures homeowners are not buying a home warranty for defective appliances. The waiting time does not apply toreal estate plans.


Is there a limit to the number of service or repair calls I receive?


You can make unlimited service calls to American Home Shield for the term of your contract. You can also order any number of repairs, but you must do sopay a deductiblefor each service visit for separate expenses. However, as stated in your contract, the repair value is subject to the repair liability dollar limit.


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Will the contractor come back to fix an issue that hasn't been solved?


Yes. The American Home Shield Warranty offers a 30-day labor warranty on work performed by its repair contractors. You don't need to pay another business service fee.


What if my insured item cannot be repaired?


If the insured item cannot be repaired, AHS may replace it or pay cash instead of providing a replacement. The American Home Shield cashout option is equal to the value of your item of the same make, model, or specification. If the damage is excluded, it may be necessary to replace it under the contract.


Does American Home Shield offer a withdrawal option?


The American Home Shield Withdrawal Option may be available under certain circumstances. As part of their contract, they may agree to pay cash in lieu of replacement for systems and equipment subject to dollar liability limits. You may also have to provide detailed evidence of the costs actually incurred. AHS may offer a cancellation option if an insured item cannot be repaired but a replacement item cannot be found.

In cases where the item is non-compliant, the cost of American Home Shield may exceed the contract liability dollar limit and only the difference may be refunded.


Does American Home Shield cover roofs?


Yes, AHS offers coverage forRepair of roof leaksunder the ShieldPlatinum plan. Coverage includes repair services for shingles, shingles, shingles, flat (non-metal) roofing, flashing and sub-flooring. If you choose to purchase American Home Shield's ShieldSilver or ShieldGold plans, you can add roof leak repairs as an optional add-on for $10 per month.


Does American Home Shield cover plumbing?


Sim, American Home Shield-TemCoverage of the plumbing system. Some inclusions are leaks and breaks in water, drain, gas, sewer or vent lines, faucets, built in spa motors, pumps, air switch assemblies, cleaning clogs, shower heads, shower arms, valves, toilet fixtures etc.

However, clogs caused by damaged vents or sewer lines outside of the home's main foundation are not covered. There may be other exclusions from plumber's insurance, so we recommend checking your contract.


Does AHS cover an air conditioning compressor?


American Home Shield plans cover all components of split and central duct air conditioners, geothermal units, wall mount air conditioners, and mini-split air conditioners.including compressors.


Does American Home Shield cover pest control?


The AHS does not have anyPest Control Service, its parent company Frontdoor, Inc., owns Terminix, a renowned provider of pest control services. Property additions include underground termite treatment.

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Does American Home Shield cover pre-existing medical conditions?


American Home Shield coverage includes failures due to undetectable failurespreconditions. These are defects or mechanical failures that a visual inspection or a simple mechanical check would not have been able to detect.

A covered product is visually inspected for structural integrity with no evidence of interoperability. When powered up in a mechanical test, the item should function with no visible damage, strange noises, smoke, or other abnormal results.


How do I cancel an American Home Shield Agreement?


To cancel your contract with American Home Shield, you must call 800.858.1922. You will receive a full refund if you cancel within 30 days of signing up and have not requested a service call. If you cancel your policy after 30 days you will receive a refund for the remaining term, less administration fees and charges for any service or claim.


Was ist American Home Shield Proconnect?


ProConnect is a platform offered by AHS that allows you to schedule a repair service online and pay after work. a network ofindependent service professionalsoffers services in the following categories: plumbing maintenance services, appliance repair, electric carpet cleaning, garage door repair, heating, plumbing and air conditioning repair. However, these services vary by area and are currently operational in select cities.


Ist American Home Shield legitim?


American Home Shield is a legitimate home warranty company. They are registered as a public company and are transparent about how they report their revenue, number of customers and claims paid. One can find a lot of information about their financial status and till date they have been profitable.


How do I file a claim with American Home Shield?


To file a complaint with AHS, you can follow the steps below:

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  • Email a complaint letter to,
  • Call our customer service number: (888) 682-1043, or
  • Fill out an online form on yourWebsite-Web.


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