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American Home Shield (2023) reviews (1)

Tanisha von Pasadena, MDVerified AppraiserVerified Buyer

Original review: March 16, 2023

I haven't had to use American Home Shield until recently. There is calm, but I began to question it. But if I didn't have it, I would need it. However, the last few weeks have not been fun. I worked hard to completely fix two leaks. When the contractor came they said it was just one and thought what I assumed was a second leak was a carryover from the first. They fixed the leak but didn't tighten it enough so it kept leaking where they cut and sutured it.

When the technicians arrived they were super friendly, very fast, efficient and helpful. When they came out the second time I had a problem and it was double. The main plumber was old fashioned and stuck up. So when he looked he didn't like that I said I actually had a second leak when he thought I didn't. Looking at the second leak, he was distant. So was he when I told him, "It's still leaking where you made the connection. It's leaking. It's been leaking all weekend." And he said, "Oh, are you sure?" I told him, "I know if my floor is wet it will keep leaking". when water drips from the ceiling.

They went to fix the original leak and tightened it, but when they tightened it, they tightened it so much it was squeezing the pipe. I'm afraid to put the roof back on because it might leak. Now I'm stuck in the position where I don't want them to come back here and try to fix it. But I had to close my blanket, so I called AHS and they said, "Take pictures so that if you have another issue, you at least have the pictures to send with the complaint."

When the technician looked at the second leak, the valves were between two bolts because they were in the ceiling but also below the floor. The coach said, “I can't do that. He said, "I don't do it, so somebody has to come and do it, and then I can come back." "Okay. How do I time this and how do you cut exactly where the pipes you need are?"

He went out to his van, which was called the AHS, had a little chat with them on the phone, came back and said, “I'm old school. I'm going to use a torch, and I can't use the torch so close to your stallions because it would burn your house down. You have to cut everything. Or you can get a second opinion, which I would recommend because there may be another plumber who can do this. I've already spoken to the AHS. You just need to call. Right here I wrote that they denied access. They will not cover repair access. So you have to cover that yourself and call there and get a second opinion. If another company comes along and says the same thing, you can choose to let us leave again. We will fix it, but you have to open the wall. I signed.

When I called AHS shortly after he left, the rep advised, “No. He should have refused to work. If you can't do the job, you should have said you can't. And that would have resulted in him being automatically assigned a second company. We don't do second opinions just because this needs to be escalated, this one and the third one." I said, "Okay. Let's go up Because that's what he told me. I do what he told me. I assume in good faith that you're telling me. telling you what I just talked to you on the phone and discussed. And now I realize that's not true."

She said, "Absolutely. We can climb. It will take 24 to 48 hours." I waited the 48 hours. I called back. I needed to know if the escalation was accepted and I could get a second opinion. I ended up having to call 3 times to find out. it took a week, the plumber came the next week when i managed to find someone and each time i had to explain the whole story to someone again and i found out something different.

When I called a third time, they said, “Okay. This really shouldn't be done. In fact, let's close the other one. We will open a new one. We waive the fee you would normally pay to identify two leaks. And that's the only way we can get you a second plumber. They did and let someone out because I told them, “I don't even trust Murray's heating and plumbing companies anymore. As for me, he gave me a list of products.” And when he found out, he damaged the pipe he was supposed to fix. Then T Mayes came along.

When they left, they didn't have all the supplies they would need. So I had to call back. That was a pain. I understand how far the system goes, when they left they made the visit. But if they don't get the job done, there's something that should automatically make them come back, instead of the customer having to call back and say, "I heard you came, but you didn't have all the supplies, so I'll go." back to you." they need them back" for AHS to trigger another overhaul visit. Other than that, T Mayes did the job. They didn't need a torch. They turn the water back to full pressure. It took them half an hour to wait to make sure they didn't there were more leaks. I've had them removed before because I had a problem with my water heater this summer. They were a fantastic company to work with. A company that AHS should continue to do business with."

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Thanks for letting us know how everything is going so far. Serving our members is the main objective here at AHS. I'm glad you've enjoyed your experience so far.

We look forward to serving you in the future, should the need arise. Look later.

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American Home Shield (2023) reviews (2)

Michael from Irving, TexasVerified AppraiserVerified Buyer

Original Review: Dec 14, 2022

American Home Shield is one of the best. Without them it would be very expensive. They always take care of what I call them. I would recommend them because every time I call them they choose a company to perform the service. And this company calls back within the hour, I get a call and they tell me when they can come in, which is great. They tell me when and they always tell me, "We'll call you when we're on our way." And, in general, the people who left are very good at what they do. they are professionals, they put their boots on before they go in, they go to the root of the problem and let me know what is going on and let the company know and they take care of it.

The warranty covers the ceiling fans, the garage door opener, the ice maker, and all that good stuff. And you can't go wrong with that, because my father-in-law said, "Why are you paying for this in home insurance?" I said, "Every time your air conditioner breaks down, how much does it cost you to replace it?" He said, "About $5,000." "I pay $100, they come and fix it, whatever." And he was silent and said nothing more. And I said, "It's like car insurance. You have to have car insurance because you never know when you're going to need it. When I need it, they're there and they come out.

We have a carbon monoxide meter. It doesn't beep, it just provides a digital record. I woke up one morning and had a massive headache. My wife was already working. I called her and asked, "Do you have a headache?" She said, "Yes, my head is killing me." And I looked at the CO meter and the heater was on, it was reading 10. So I immediately turned it off and opened all the windows, turned on the fans. It was cold, but I had to get the carbon monoxide out of there. So I called AHS and the contractor came the next day, called and checked with the meter. They said, "Yes, the heat exchanger, now you have a crack. I'm recording 10 as well." I don't understand why the CO meter is not making noise. And I had it on the side of the vent right where it came off the heater, but we got lucky.

The contractor replaced the heat exchanger unit. And the strangest thing is this little bucket under the air conditioner was on top of the heater when they lifted it, it was rotten and had a hole cut in it. We only realized this when summer arrived and I turned on the air conditioning. All of a sudden I have a big puddle of water on the floor. The contractor said he would take care of it. And at the same time they said that you have to remove coil A because the air conditioner does not cool well and coil A needs to be cleaned. So at the same time they changed the cube, they had to take out the A wrap and boil on the way to the entrance. And we took a lot of things off the floor. This works fine.

The power went out on one side of the house and I couldn't figure out what it was. "What's going on? Why is this side of the house off?" The electrician came here and he had a tool. It was so cool. He stood there, pointed to a mirror, walked to an exit and said, "This exit is dead. So let me dismantle this exit and take it out." Replaced the snap tab with one that wraps around the screw and needs to be tightened. As soon as he did, the other side of the house came to life. And I paid them the money they asked for and they left. They called before coming and introduced themselves.

Air conditioning stopped working in summer. AHS sent a guy over here and he looked at it and said, "I don't see anything wrong with that. Everything in here is hot. Let me go and I'll come back and we'll let it cool down and try again." Then he came back and it was a capacitor that got so hot that it turned everything off. So he replaced and fixed everything.

I learned the hard way that if you file a claim and there is a leak you need to state if it is a leak and where and what went wrong. Because just tell them one thing and there are a few other things they need to take care of. I say, "These other things they said weren't on the list and I didn't know about it." So I have to call them and say, "There's a leak. The contractor was here last month and they had to replace the faucet that goes into the bathroom because it was still leaking. So they replaced it, they sealed the dish washer, and the technician unscrewed it. " I said "I've done this a few times and it keeps crashing" He said "Unfortunately if it crashes completely that's when we change it" So I paid €100.

He said, "Did you pay $100? He went to the truck. He said, "See that allen key? I'll give it to you I said, "You know what? I put the thing right next to the disposer. But now I stick a wrench in the middle and unscrew it. So I'm just waiting for it to lock because it's already locked and I can hear it clicking. And when it turns on it says "unfortunately it has to completely stop" and it doesn't work at all when it gets here.

The other thing about the lines was that I said, "This thing, the wax ring is leaking." He said, "Unfortunately I don't see that." I said, "Do you have paint to put in the toilet tank so I can see where it's leaking from when you flush the toilet?" And he said, "No, I don't." I said, "Can I make a suggestion? Invest in some dye, because that's how they found the water leaks. You're a plumber. He said, "I know."

I just had one problem. The contractor replaced the faucet and the next day it was in the sink. I called back and told the contractor the technician would be back to take a look. But I called AHS and told them the people who sent them were just trying to find a way not guarantee it. You must not send to the same people. Send someone to fix it. The guy came over here and said, "That's a broken faucet. I've got another one. I'm going to change it today." He replaced him that day. I've come across things like this before. But I'm still happy with AHS. And I would recommend them to anyone and everyone.

Answer from American Home Shield

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with AHS. Let us know if you need assistance regarding your warranty. have a good week

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American Home Shield (2023) reviews (3)

Sandra in Virginia Beach, VirginiaVerified AppraiserVerified Buyer

Original review: October 12, 2022

I have several companies through American Home Shield that I am pleased to do business with. I found them very good and honest. In fact, for my air conditioner in my home, I have an annual maintenance contract with the company I found through my home warranty company many years ago. So if I have a problem with my HVAC system I usually call them directly and say I want to hire the company.

When American Home Shield tells me it's on hold and the company is no longer taking calls because it's too busy, I tell them, "Yeah, they'll do it for me." I call the company and the company calls you. I also found a plumbing company that does exceptional business, and I've done business with them outside of the home warranty company, so I'll do my best. I recently did the same thing for the appliance company that AHS sent over and have recommended it to others as well.

American Home Shield was pretty good. However, the journey is sometimes a bit long. With our very old dishwasher, the company recommended a replacement because parts were not available. AHS found a part that was likely remanufactured. When our dishwasher was first put into operation, it ran all day. So they replaced it and I'm getting it this week. I also traded my daughter's washing machine for them. Again, it was a company recommendation and they took care of it, as did my microwave. The first time they sent GE to fix my microwave and the same problem occurred. When the technician had to leave again, they switched him.

Another thing is that AHS only guarantees the work for 30 days. For example, I had a problem with my garage door remote. They sent a company over and the company told me, "You really should replace this." I said, "How much did we talk?" The guy said, "600 and some dollars". I said, "No, we're going to replace those parts. The same problem came up two months later, so I called the warranty company and they said, "No, sorry, it's only good for 30 days. "I said, "Okay. Damn if I pay another $125 for someone to come and fix the same issue that was fixed two months ago.

I called the company and said, "Excuse me, but are you supportive of your work?" They said: "30 days". I said "Thanks" so they said "Well do you need any help?" I said, "Not from you because you already answered my question. If you just guarantee your work for 30 days, I won't do business with you." I called the company I worked for on doors and said, "Hey, I need a new garage door." I found out that the lady has American Home Shield and she said, "Sandy, don't buy this from us. Pass the American Home Shield." I told her what happened and she told me there was no way the part they replaced was broken unless they put a broken part in there. It was the same with the dishwasher and microwave.

I can pay the warranty on this house year after year, which I usually do, without replacing anything. I am honest with AHS in paying my money each month. You should be honest with me too. They shouldn't put a refurbished part in my stuff, just do what they should and fix it with a new part, something reliable, or replace the unit.

I think it's ok when they want to try and fix something, but in just over 30 days they shouldn't make me pay another $125 service fee for something that wasn't properly fixed to begin with. If it was another problem that came up, I understand. It happens. However, two different things encountered the exact same issues. One was the garage door opener I ended up biting the bullet and I went to a company I trust and paid $700 for a new garage door opener after paying American Home Shield $125. problem. That's the only reason I'm giving it a 4. Other than that, I've been with AHS since 2002, and it's not just about real estate. I usually have several because I also made them for my daughter.

I started American Home Shield when I started Legum's, the first HVAC company I launched after buying a home. I had a $75 service charge, but since it was so rare, I said, “Okay. After doing that, I started getting more service calls, but that's just the way it is. In general, I recommend this home guarantee to everyone and tell people that they should learn to use it. You can't just go online and apply and expect to get the person you want. You have to bear the pain of the call. Although I've called her lately, it hasn't been long.

The only thing I can add is that many of the customer service reps who answer the phone have scripts. They have a manual that they use as a guide. So if I escalated a problem it would be next to impossible. I used to have a phone number for the monitoring group. If you had a problem, which you normally wouldn't, you had a recourse. However, this is no longer available. When I ask to speak to a supervisor, there is never one available and I am told, "Someone will call you back." It doesn't really happen.

Answer from American Home Shield

Thank you for taking the time to share your warranty experience. We look forward to serving your AHS needs. Have a great weekend.

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American Home Shield (2023) reviews (4)

Patricia from Oakland, CAVerified AppraiserVerified Buyer

Original review: September 10, 2022

I love American Home Shield as a service. They are great for tracking. They are also great with outbound vendors. They were professional and always on time. So they do a good job of hiring real repair people. But I had a problem with Lowe's people. My devices needed to be replaced. I don't buy well, especially for appliances, looking at a photo online. I can't do it. I'm old. I have to go in and touch him and feel him. I looked at the pictures but couldn't decide. So I opted for the actual gift card. But the whole experience was a disaster. First, I wasn't sure who the provider would be. I wasn't sure if it would be Home Depot, Lowe's or Montgomery Ward. But Lowes is terrible.

I live in Oakland and the real Lowe's is in Union City. It's half an hour's drive from me. When I walked into the store, they had a big sale going on. It had a microwave and a top of the line microwave that was faulty. I chose the zone and it went well. For the over-the-counter microwave, I walked into the store and told a clerk that I needed a 30-inch shelf. We got to talking about it and he said, 'Well, microwaves are another piece of shit. We recommend a preliminary measurement. It will be $45. And if you buy the device, we will make it available for you to install.” It looked like a winner to me, so I took it and went about my business. Since he was mailing it to me at a different address, I asked if he would get the sale price or when the sale ended. He said, "I don't know when the sale will end." I was really excited about the good selection so I just left.

The sale ended the next day. I tried calling the store and was left on hold for 40 minutes. Then someone came and hung up the line. Tried Lowe's customer service and was on hold again. They said, 'Well, you'll have to speak to someone at the store to find out about the sale. We'll send you over there." I told them, "No one answers the phone, so I called them." So they said, "We know how to catch you on the sidewalk. You're the only ones in the store who answer the phone. So, I passed the van on the sidewalk. This guy was the one I wanted. But I was on hold again. The same thing happened after about 30 minutes. The line was disconnected. I gave him a little time. I read the paper Lowe's gave it to me for the actual measurements. They said they would call him in two days to schedule his measurement. I still don't have measurements. Haven't called to schedule the measurement.

I called the store again. Tried calling early morning when they opened. They still haven't responded. I went back to Corporate. The first company lady I spoke to said they didn't get back to her. I called later and got another girl. He was there a little longer, so he knew what was going on. She said, "Well, let me call you." They didn't take the oven out. I wanted a refund for this. I wanted to find out how to measure the microwave itself. So I wanted to refund this to the card. I got things refunded to my cards all the time. But they told me that I have to go back to Union City to get a refund. I am elderly and disabled.

When I called Lowe's on the 7th and 8th it was to forward a complaint to the manager who would answer my questions. I told them, “Look, I have a responsibility to the American Home Shield. I must hand over the receipts. But if I can't buy it, how can I hand in all the receipts?" I also told them that I noticed the sale starts the next day and asked, "Should I buy online now to get the retail price? ” They said, "Well, if you make it and it's the wrong thing, then we don't know if you return it, you won't get the retail price." place. I should call the manager at Lowe's to let him know if I got the sale price. So I have to go back in there and get the stuff credited and then buy it and have to deal with delivery again.

I called American Home Shield to say, "Hey, I think you might want to know that someone you work with or have a contract with really isn't taking good care of their clients. I'll let you know they're not doing a good job with us . And you don't see well." I'm someone who's been in the business long enough to be able to separate the two. This is not American Home Shield. This is Lowe's. But American Home A Shield makes a deal with Lowe's. They told me, 'They're not our partners or anything. We'll just send them to you. and Lowe's to provide a service to American Home Shield customers? She said no.

I had to speak with the rep and he took a long time to understand why it wasn't good for American Home Shield for Lowe's to treat their customers this way because it changes the whole process. I loved American Home Shield, but because it dragged on, it just didn't feel right. Meanwhile, someone committed identity theft and used my credit card to make a purchase at Lowe's. He put in my email address so all receipts would reach me. I called the store in Texas and sent them all the stuff to say, "Hey, these are fraudulent accusations someone is making against your store."

I thoroughly enjoyed the American Home Shield experience. I trust them. I went online and paid my money to get the person out. They called the next day and made an appointment. They were ready to leave the next day. But I needed someone to be here to walk up and down the stairs. So I pushed. American Home Shield should have more choice about who to issue the gift certificate to. You should care more about providers.

Answer from American Home Shield

We are happy to hear that AHS is beneficial for you. Thank you for sharing your warranty experience. Have a good weekend.

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American Home Shield (2023) reviews (5)

Georgia from Schererville, INVerified AppraiserVerified Buyer

Original review: August 22, 2022

We had American Home Shield for 10 or 12 years. We had great experiences. While we were moving into our house for the summer, our air conditioner broke. AHS arranged this for us. A few weeks later it broke again and the dealer said we needed a new system so a new one was installed. When we moved in, we had a four-burner gas stove. Once we moved two burners didn't work. The product was out of date and AHS just paid us because they couldn't get parts. After a few months we had three or four claims. It was amazing that we had this insurance and they were so good.

A few years later, our stove went out in the winter. AHS sent someone here to install a new furnace and they were from Lansing, Illinois. We depended on AHS to send us reliable people. I definitely wasn't. He was scary. He installed the system and it took days. We were home with no heat and he never told me that we were supposed to have some kind of insurance with AHS that would allow us to go to a motel. We had no idea. We went out and bought some small space heaters to keep warm.

The technician did such a poor job installing the new oven that we called AHS with complaints. I even called my town sheriff to complain about this person. She said they couldn't do anything because we should have called to find out if the company the guy worked for was registered in the city. This company was never registered. In the end, our jaws dropped and we insisted that AHS use someone else who wasn't in their system. The company that came was Seamer HVAC and they are very well respected in our community. I knew Seamer was a great HVAC company, but AHS initially told me I could only call those on our acceptance list.

AHS should get better quality from people. In the end I got Seamer and they gave a report to AHS and said the first company incorrectly installed a specific tube in our facility. It was just a miserable job. We still have the same oven and I am very apprehensive about it. They told me that AHS still uses the first company even though I gave them a bad review.

We left AHS for a few years, then came back. So far the insurance has been good. But I'm nervous because I turned on the fan and the light went out. AHS sent someone to work on my light. They were polite and pleasant. When I confirmed our nomination for our supporter, I told the representative that I have Casablanca supporters and that someone with experience is needed. Casablanca was bought by the Hunter Fan Company and if you want to fix something, you have to remove some kind of piece on top of the fan to read the engraved serial number. How to order parts. Otherwise, you cannot order parts.

The first guy that came couldn't get the part and he couldn't find it, so he was frustrated about it. Meanwhile, he dropped part of the lamp and it exploded on the floor. He did a few things like that, then decided to stop. I asked if he wouldn't sweep and he told me it was up to the owner of the house. I called and described what happened. The company apologized and said it would send a senior engineer. Supposedly he worked on the Casablanca fans.

The chief engineer could not find the part and said, "We recommend there is nothing we can do about the fan. It is broken and you just need to buy another brand. And we will give you $99 to buy Casablanca fans." $100 service and they were willing to take my ventilators. It was a rush. They could fix the fan and probably sell it for $500 or $600.

I mentioned to AHS that the first two men didn't know what they were doing. I asked them to send someone and it was the representative's turn. It was a senior agent named Carlos. He oversaw the case and was up to date. She even called to say, "It's been a few days or almost a week and we haven't heard from you." This is because, after removing the fan, the technician found the number and had to order it. He was courteous and friendly and assured me he would help us. Carlos was great.

AHS sent Cruz Electric and Handy Service and their guy took care of me. But that was a week or two later. Cruz had worked on the Casablanca ventilators for years, and his technicians knew they had been sold to the Hunter Company. I still have to catch up on this. I didn't solve this problem because I had to have surgery on 2 eyes and I need to get my canceled checks back. I have a problem with this. Every time you place your service request they have to charge your credit card the $100 fee which I did. I immediately collected this $100 fee for a previous one I'm still trying to work on. I was told I would have to pay again and so I did. But I found that it wasn't necessary.

What happened this time was that a company was sent, but it didn't work out. It wasn't my fault they didn't fix it. They didn't know how to do it. But they started accusing me again. This has happened before. I started looking at AHS for my $100 and they told me it was returned to my bank. I checked and they didn't return the money to my bank.

This time it happened again and AHS texted me saying I owed the $100 and never paid it. I was on my feet because that was the trick they used before. I assumed they knew and were following him. I owed the $100 and gave another $100. I found out later that they were wrong. They tried again. This time they sent me 2-3 emails saying I owed the extra $100 when I didn't have it. Carlos helped me and I told him how AHS keeps telling me I owe $100. He checked and said I don't owe. AHS then turned up the heat and they sent me something saying I was late. They finally sent me a letter and said I owed the $100. It seemed like I was lazy and didn't pay that $100.

I brought this up again with Carlos and he said, “I don't understand. He had withdrawn from his account. They shouldn't bother you. Because it was the same job.” AHS put pressure on me and I sent an email to Carlos saying that AHS had not given up. He called me just to check. He said he would make a concession. You sent me a letter. All over that paper he said that he owed them something and that he had to pay.

I called them myself to talk to them and they said, 'I don't understand why you think this is an invoice'. I told them, 'Because you have the words, I have to pay you and I have to pay you now and issue an invoice.' They said, 'Oh, no. We're making concessions to you." I said, "If you're saying concession, why did you have to send that letter in the first place?" And I didn't understand the meaning of that word. Concession. It's hard to understand the letter and the word when they basically told me I owed them $100. I'm 80. Anyone receiving this letter and email would think $100 is owed.

Another complaint I filed with AHS was about a built-in microwave that is probably 12 or 15 years old. It's one of those big ones that sits on the counter. It went off so I called AHS to say it suddenly stopped working. They said, "Well, it's integrated." I said, "But you already knew that. When I started paying for this a few years ago, I made that clear, just like we have a built-in refrigerator in the kitchen." I was upset because the rep said if it was at the counter they don't cover it. This made no sense to me because I paid extra. They treated me like I bought a piece of junk and put it on the counter.

There was something else. AHS sent me something saying I get a free month if I renew. I did not understand. I brought it to their attention and they said they would fix it but they never did. In October I will pay an extension. I'm disappointed. You shouldn't have all this back and forth contact. It's not that complicated. AHS should be able to look at your file on me and say, "We didn't give you that month for free. You paid for years.

Answer from American Home Shield

Thank you for sharing your warranty experience. Let us know if you need help. Have an amazing week.

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American Home Shield (2023) reviews (6)

Rachel aus Escondido, CAVerified AppraiserVerified Buyer

Original review: March 12, 2023

We found a water leak in our upstairs bathroom garage. So we called American Home Shield to send a plumber. I received a text message and an email with the information, company name and phone number if they didn't call us and we were told they would call us back within 24 hours. They did it. You were cool. The technician found the leak and said he needed to take a break and get involved in the recovery. So we're into all of that now. The good thing is, when it all dried up, I called her and said, "Okay. Now you can fix it," and the next day they were out.

Answer from American Home Shield

Our primary goal is to provide exceptional service and a speedy resolution for all of your home warranty needs. We greatly appreciate your feedback on your recent experience with us.

We hope to serve you in the future, should the need arise. Look later.

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American Home Shield (2023) reviews (7)

Raus Sherman Oaks, CaliforniaVerified AppraiserVerified Buyer

Original review: March 12, 2023

I had a clog in the sink and couldn't open it. I immediately called American Home Shield. The technician claimed that we had to replace the entire plumbing system because it was so old. AHS will investigate and they never returned my call. So I put Liquid-Plumr in it and it seemed to work. However, the problem is starting to reappear. So the guy never understood. I made a second call to the same sink. I don't know if it's a result of the first visit, but there was a leak underneath. This plumber who came by was very good and replaced the pipe under the sink. I no longer have problems with leaks. However, it seems to be slowing down. It means stagnation is still there somewhere.

A snake ran. I was there. I looked, and at one point he said, "I can't do that." I wanted to change all the plumbing. I said, "Well, how much is it? It's not covered. So if I want it fixed, how much is it?" It will be between US$5,000 and US$6,000. So I sent you on your merry way. I was not at all impressed. As for the American Home Shield, sometimes they send people off to work or just get their foot in the door and find other things to do. I don't appreciate that and I'm not a plumber. I don't know if they are good or bad. I'm more interested in unplugging my sink.

When we bought the house, coverage came with the home protection plan, which turned out to be American Shield, and I kept it running. One call and they send a handyman. I have noticed in recent years that your mechanics are not very good. This is very disappointing. I have the impression that they come to see what else they can do. They try to sell more. I called an electrician because the outlet was broken. The first thing that came out of his mouth was, "Oh, you're abusing this." I said, "What am I abusing?" The plug comes with two plugs. I have a microwave and a toaster oven. They've been there for about six years. Lately they are starting to behave. I have never used both devices at the same time. "Why don't you check and see if there's something wrong with the plug?" "Well if you want I will." Nothing has been fixed. I had to move my microwave to another location, which isn't very convenient as my kitchen isn't that big.

I would be very hesitant to recommend AHS. You have to be ready to argue. You must be ready to call. I never worried about the electrician because I know I can't win. If the electrician tells AHS one thing and I tell AHS another, they say, "Well, we can send you another one and see what you think, but you'll have to pay." They come between 8:00 am and 12:00 pm and after 1:00 am to 5:00 am. I don't want to spend my hours waiting for a mechanic to come scratch his head and do nothing. It's annoying. Replacing a device was a struggle. It's more like, "Oh yeah. I'll take it because I paid for it. And you'll see it that way." It's always a struggle.

Answer from American Home Shield

Our primary goal is to provide exceptional service and a speedy resolution for all of your home warranty needs. We greatly appreciate your feedback on your recent experience with us.

We hope to serve you in the future, should the need arise. Look later.

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American Home Shield (2023) reviews (8)

Reggie aus Escalon, CAVerified AppraiserVerified Buyer

Original review: March 12, 2023

My claims experience has been wonderful. I call and they sort it out. The staff has good customer service and is very responsive. The next day I get a call and the technicians come to fix things. AHS is a good thing.

Answer from American Home Shield

Our primary goal is to provide exceptional service and a speedy resolution for all of your home warranty needs. We greatly appreciate your feedback on your recent experience with us.

We look forward to serving you in the future, should the need arise. Look later.

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American Home Shield (2023) reviews (9)

Stella from Gardendale, ALVerified AppraiserVerified Buyer

Original review: March 12, 2023

I don't know how to fix the things that ruin the house. AHS has always been right when I needed them. You always come to me. Recently my ice maker stopped working. The filter housing was dirty. The technician came the same day and made the diagnosis. I had to go back and ask for the paper. Four days later she returned with him. It solved the problem. I am very happy with American Home Shield. Service has always been excellent for me.

Answer from American Home Shield

to wake up,
Our primary goal is to provide exceptional service and a speedy resolution for all of your home warranty needs. We greatly appreciate your feedback on your recent experience with us.

We hope to serve you in the future, should the need arise. Look later.

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American Home Shield (2023) reviews (10)

Mary von Chesapeake, VirginiaVerified AppraiserVerified Buyer

Original review: March 12, 2023

My heater upstairs didn't work. Every time I turned it on it smoked and buzzed. I filed my complaint online and the American Home Shield website has a very limited selection. But it serves its purpose. I have spoken with a representative several times, but the complaint still has not been resolved. Legum's only came out once because American Home Shield has yet to license them to provide any service. So the problem is with American Home Shield. I have spoken with six different customer service representatives and have not received clear or consistent answers as to what my next steps are in resuming my complaint. I got a call from someone from Claims Adjudication, but it wasn't a supervisor or someone who could give me clarity on my next steps.

Answer from American Home Shield

Our primary goal is to provide exceptional service and a speedy resolution for all of your home warranty needs. We greatly appreciate your feedback on your recent experience with us.

We hope to serve you in the future, should the need arise. Look later.

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