American Home Shield Review - (2023)

American Home Shield Review - (1)

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  • rates American Home Shield a 3.75 out of 5 based on monthly price, coverage, service fees and more.
  • AHS has three comprehensive home warranty plans to repair or replace equipment and systems.
  • AHS offers extensive and flexible options to customize and add special services to your plans.

american domestic coat of armswas founded in 1971 as the first company to offer homeowners protection against major equipment and system failures. The company has grown steadily since its inception and now offers its services in 49 states.

American Home Shield offers three plans that can be customized and supplemented with other options, such as:

When ranking American Home Shield against othershouse warranty company, we review the service rates, coverage levels, service capacity and business reviews of each company.

AHS Home Warranty Summary

Result from


starting monthly price


service fee

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$ 75- $ 125

States served

49 states

BBB RatingThe BBB ranks companies based on their reliability and performance. The company uses a variety of factors, including how the company handles customer complaints.


The Better Business Bureau gave American Home Shield a B rating, noting that the home warranty company meets BBB certification standards, demonstrating its commitment to resolving good faith customer disputes.

Take advantage of a century and a half of experience and knowledge in the home warranty industry. American Home Shield can offer a wide variety of plans to fit your needs. It stands out for its flexibility inoffers many possibilities, American Home Shield is a good company for anyone looking to create their own custom plans.


  • Without previous control: AHS accepts your home "as is" and does not adjust coverage based on your condition.
  • Choose the desired service fee: Customers can choose a service fee of $75, $100 or $125, offset by a sliding monthly premium scale.
  • Customizable plans and add-ons: Three different plans with a wide range of specialized services are available for your personalization.
  • Wide network of contractors: AHS, the original home warranty service, has recruited and grown to more than 17,000 contractors.


  • 30-Day Limited Warranty: Competitors' warranties are up to six months, but AHS only offers 30-day warranties.
  • Old devices are only slowly being replaced: AHS may prefer to request repeat repair services rather than replace an item.
  • Non national: As one of the largest home warranty companies, their lack of presence in Alaska is conspicuous.
  • Without choice of contractual partner: AHS clients generally do not have a say in the selection of the service provider.

AHS Home Warranty Highlights

Coverage and Plans

the guarantee

before purchase

AHS customers can choose one of three appliance repair or replacement plans with the Appliances, Major Home Electrical, Plumbing or HVAC plan (through the Systems plan), or Appliances and Systems on the Combo plan. American Home Shield's monthly fees range from $35 to $80 depending on the chosen service fee per visit ($75, $100 or $125), but varies by ZIP code.

Each AHS plan is fully customizable with a range of additional benefits, including an electronics plan and pool and spa coverage.

American Home Shield guarantees that it will repair or replace items covered by its plans if they fail due to normal wear and tear. Once a repair is complete, the AHS Labor Guarantee states that if there is a problem with the repair within 30 days of completion, a contractor will be dispatched to fix it.

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Always read the fine print of a contract before purchasing a home warranty from a company to make sure the coverage and price are right for you. AHS does not conduct pre-employment evaluations and covers pre-existing medical conditions. However, conditions that should have been recognized by visual observation or use are orresult of poor maintenanceshould not be covered. Also, determine if the items are covered by the manufacturer's warranty, as this is in lieu of AHS obligations.

American Home Shield Warranty Plans

appliance plan
systems blueprint
combined aircraft
Supplemental Coverage

American Home vs. Home Shield Guarantee La competencia

OffererResult from Reviews.comPreis*commercial service feeplanesPlugins Available
american domestic coat of arms3.6Starting at $39.99/mo.75 $, 100 $, 125 $domestic uses
Not just pools/spas
guest unit
Septic Tanks/Well Pumps
Iconic Home Guarantee3.5$35-$55.84/mes.$ 60– $ 75system plan
plan General
built-in microwave
good bomb
Local AFC club3
not listed
75 $, 100 $, 125 $system plan
Plan Oro
Plano Premium
storage pump
hot water dispenser
separate freezer
water heater
Choose HomeWarranty2.4$ 40- $ 50 / mes.85 $plan General
pool / spa
good bomb
storage pump
central void
limited roof leaks

Details as of April 2021

*Prices may vary slightly based on location and plan customization.

American Home Shield vs. Landmark Home Garantie

While American Home Shield has three full warranty plans and Landmark has two, both companies' plans are strong and competitive. AHS is an older company and serves every state except Alaska. On the other hand, Landmark was founded in 2004 and was actually acquired by AHS in 2016 and only serves clients in Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Texas, and Utah.

Landmark Full Home Garantieschutzplan
Pioneering plan in domestic guarantee schemes
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American Home Shield x AFC Home Club

Both companies offer a wide range of plans and extensive coverage areas. AFC serves all states except California, South Carolina, Hawaii, and Nevada. The AFC Home Club differs from the American Home Shield in two notable ways. AHS allows its customers to choose their own service technicians. AHS offers a lifetime warranty on specific parts and labor.

AFC Home Club System Plan
AFC Local Club Silver Plan
AFC Local Club Silver Plan
AFC Local Club Gold Plan
Plano AFC Home Club Platin

American Home Shield vs Garantia Home Choice

American Home Shield offers three plans with multiple options to add and customize each plan. Choice Home Guarantee offers two plans. Each covers systems and equipment, and Choice has options to add limited coverage against roof leaks. Enterprise is available in most states, although the Choice guarantee is not available in California and Washington.

Choice Basic Home Warranty Plan
Choose the Total Home Guarantee Plan
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Frequently Asked Questions About the American House Sign

How much does the American Home Shield cost?
Is American Home Shield a good company?
Does American Home Shield require a home inspection?
Can I cancel an American Home Shield warranty plan at any time?


We rate American Home Shield based on customer experience, customer satisfaction, monthly costs, merchant service fees, and coverage to determine ratings and create our best home warranty ratings. To compare home warranty companies overall with other providers, we calculate each rating based on the following:

  • Starting Monthly Price: The lower the monthly contract cost from a home warranty company, the higher the score. Conversely, the higher the monthly contract cost, the lower the score for this metric.
  • Commercial Service Fee – We give higher scores to home warranty companies with lower commercial service fees.
  • Customer Satisfaction: used Better Business Bureau ratings to provide customer satisfaction ratings for home warranty companies.
  • Customer Experience: With the help of the Better Business Bureau, we reviewed the ranking of customer complaints filed and resolved with the BBB.
  • Coverage: We compare available coverage and add-ons offered by home warranty companies to assign scores.

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American Home Shield Review - (3)

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