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I want to learn what is happeningCreating an explanatory video for businessAnd the role of the client in the process? In this case study, we take them behind the scene: we describe how a specific explanatory video was created and we ask the client to exchange impressions from his own perspective.

First, ask us to watch the video examined in our case study. It is an animated explanatory video for Interacty, a tool for games marketing campaigns.

Fast data on this video declaor video:
- Duration below 2 minutes.

- It consists of animated illustrations and captured service screen.
-VOICE -Over of a professional actress based in the United States.

Rapid data on the productThis is the theme of the video:
- Interact is a platform to create brand games and other playable content with a variety of formats for public commitment.
- The project was founded in Latvia in 2020.
- As of September 2022, the interactive has a base of more than 120,000 users from 135 countries around the world.

Why should a startup need an explanatory video production?

"First, we wanted our explanatory video to be adequate for our site."The interaction team recalls." It can generate brand questionnaires, tests, mini games, entertainment forms for the generation of Leads and many other interactive marketing formats. Any exciting content can be introduced every day, and you can follow yourPerformance that we want you to want our product declaration video to demonstrate how the interactive offers many different options for user's commitment, how easy it is to use and what options.This opens.brands."

The interactive had no special video requirements that would limit our creativity or complicate the production process. They needed an adequate format for YouTube: complete classic HD with landscape orientation.

Regarding animation technology, interactive people were willing to take into account the opportunity to combine a noble animation of interface elements with fragments of live filming material, but the start team did not have a firm conviction thatThe video had to look only like this, the first time was that the interactive ordered a professional explanatory video for their product and were ready to listen to suggestions from videos production companies.

Request advice

Why did Interacty Alcot choose an explanatory video agency?

"We analyze several studies that create explanatory videos: "remembered interaction".Lconost appeared in a search: this is the whole story. We annal some essays of their work; we liked and seemed that we were looking for. We also found the list of clients from Alconost, which was impressive. Lconost also installed in terms of costs and timeof response, so we decided to go with you."

Initially, we discussed the possibility of using action material and decided against it. Explanatory video costs would increase from 50-80%, which the budget exceeded.

How the Redeemer Video Creation Process begins

To create a logical and understandable video, you must first use the product and pay close attention to the way it works.Therefore, it took less than a day. After studying the platform, the video card and the project materials provided by Interacty, Alcost began creating the script.

Obviously, the platform has numerous models of interactive content, but to prevent the viewer from being the most effective approach, it is to select one and then demonstrate them with the various adjustments, to the final version., the "memory game" is, so we assume an example to present the abilities of the interaction platform.

"We also wanted to emphasize the advantages that our platform offers users: "Interact added."Here we refer to the immediate publication of the brand games and the ability of the entire marketing team to follow as users interact with the content. Maintenance of the balloon of the balloon. We like the script, so we gave slightly green light for theproduction."


What happens between the script and animation?

The video begins with a scene in which the context is described in which users can interact with marketing games. The graphics of the scene, and for the entire video, are original alcohot works. This explanatory video was launched:The different shadows of meaning and how easy they are in the eyes!

Explanation Video for the Interactive - Alonostot (2)
Illustration: Graphics for the video of the interaction platform

In the phase of the graphic script, we also think of a way of integrating the existing logo of organic interaction in the visual sequence. The logo reflects the following idea: the interaction helps to create easy content to distribute and this hasPotential to become viral. Observe the appearance of the logo, a tooth -of -Lon cute with your seeds. We construct this idea in animation and a seed sprouts immediately.

In the same phase, we take the captures of the service screen: this forms the base of the animated Screencast. In the browser developer mode, we can adjust the content of the site instead of the real data.

Explanation Video for the Interactive - Alonostot (3)

Illustration: animated screen capture scene of the video interacty explorer

At the same time, we worked in the audio component of the future video. We went to the narration with a professional actress based in the United States and then selected a background that was well connected to the narrative and the video atmosphere, which was determined by theVisual style

"In Alconost, he has offered us a selection of several voices to choose from and several options for the song: "Interact commented." Our team chose a female voice and the music used. In general, it was unique and fascinating to change the ideas of the script in illustrations and audio files. Alcot people used to ask for our opinion in the agency: if we liked a particular character, a visual environment, etc.

To be honest, it was a surprise for us, "he admitted the interaction."We thought there was almost no participation on our side, but we saw that the request for commitment on our side was well founded. We said that this would lead to a video that looked more like what seemed to expect, with all the details that were verified and everythingThis meant that we had total control over the process."

Order an explanatory video

The magic of animation

He took a week to create the rude design of the animation and a few days to complete the video sequence. As interactivity had paid attention to the intermediate stages and gave us logical comments that were easy to interpret, the final changes were barely the cut.

Explanation Video for the Interactive - Alonostot (4)

Illustration: an image of the interactivity video that shows the advantages of the product

Once the video sequence was approved, the only thing left was to complete the audiosis.

"Our team was satisfied with the final version of the explanatory video. " Interaction reports. "We have already started using the video in our marketing communication and we notice something interesting. If our customers can be found in the video, the video is a means for an end. The explanatory video works exactly as we expected!"

Order a video

Your explanatory video is completed. What comes later?

"We like that the video turned out to be quite universal. We can use it for advertising among different client groups.

The experience of creating an explanatory video with a professional company will be useful if we ask for videos in the future. It is possible that we need little timeVideos for advertising campaignsCurrently, we have no specific concepts for topics, only general ideas. It can be interesting to tell some stories about how customers use the interaction platform in several sectors. "

We ask the interaction team to develop a little after your observations in this regard.

"We would like to use how people use our platform to achieve their commercial objectives.Out -line events. The listeners to see how much they remember the presentation. You can take the test or play the game immediately from your own devices. Promotional code or free ticket for your next presentation."

During the work in this case study, we tried the interactive in action again.

"Interacted users include it, niche -webressources, advertising agencies and even large corporate clients, such as the pharmacist Merck.jader, needs interactive marketing content ",", ",", ",", ",", ",", ", ",", ",", ",", ",", ",", ",", ",", ",", "," needs marketing content "," Interaction agreements."Our platform is a tool that can play in marketing. How the content of fascinating and viral nature depends on the user's own ideas. However, we know that our platform can benefit even more to the customer and we work on it to achieve this."

We thank the founders of Interacty for their participation in the creation of the explanatory video and its constructive comments and we want the beginning for all success!

The words un original, original, originalExplorer animated videoFor your Alcot product!

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