Playa Cocles, Puerto Viejo: Malerischer Karibikstrand (2023)

As the most developed beach in the areaPorto Velho, Playa Cocles is also the most popular. With big waves for surfing, soft sand and brilliant blue water, Playa Cocles is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica. it's right in the middlesmall beachand Puerto Viejo so it is very easy to get to.


Karte von Praia dos Cocles

Playa Cocles, Puerto Viejo: Malerischer Karibikstrand (1)

Playa Cocles is 3.8 kilometers (approximately 2 miles) from Puerto Viejo and 220 kilometers (137 miles) and 4.5 hours by car from San José.

4×4 parking

The road between Cocles is well paved. There isn't really a designated parking lot for the beach, but you will see many cars parked on the street or in the area between the beach and the street. There is no security there, so make sure you don't leave any valuables in your car, close your windows and lock your doors.

How to get from Puerto Viejo to Playa Cocles?

If you don't have a car, biking is the most popular way to get around in Puerto Viejo. You can also take the bus as there is a bus that runs at 6:45, 7:45, 9:45, 11:45, 1:45, 4:45, 6:45 and 7:45 from Puerto Viejo to Manzanillo drives . On Sundays it departs at 7:45am, 9:45am, 10:45am, 11:45am, 12:45pm, 1:45pm, 3:45pm, 5:45pm, 7:45pm. You can get off this bus at Playa Cocles.

Playa Cocles

Playa Cocles stretches for about 2 kilometers (just over a mile), its shoreline is dotted with graceful palm trees. As this is one of the few beaches in the region suitable for surfing, you'll also see rows of brightly colored surfboards resting on the sand.

Playa Cocles, Puerto Viejo: Malerischer Karibikstrand (2)

Cocles is very busy at weekends and in high season. So if you want a place all to yourself, head to the less crowded south end. We set up our hammocks at the south end of the beach next to a river and had it all to ourselves!

Playa Cocles, Puerto Viejo: Malerischer Karibikstrand (3)

The waves aren't the best for swimming because the current is strong, but you'll see lots of people playing volleyball, soccer and sunbathing on the beach. This is the only beach in the region with lifeguards.

I surf at Praia dos Cocles

Playa Cocles, Puerto Viejo: Malerischer Karibikstrand (4)

January to March is best for surfing as there are bigger waves.

The break (nicknamed The Beach Break) isn't usually very long at Cocles, so the ride is short and very close to shore, making it a bit difficult for beginners, especially long boards.

But when the waves are big, they're great fun for beginners and can get a taste of what surfing in Costa Rica's warm waters is like. It's best to go at high tide to get a longer ride.

Shortboarders will love Cocles as there is a constant left and right break near the beach. The waves are definitely geared more towards intermediate and experienced surfers. So if you already know how to catch a wave, you will definitely want to surf at Playa Cocles.

There is a nice left break near the island when the swell is big and almost hits the beach. And when the good swell comes, the waves get big!

But no matter the time of year, you'll still see classes taking place and locals promoting their surf lessons throughout the day.

If surfing isn't your thing, boogie boarding is another fun thing to do at Playa Cocles, and the waves are great for it. You can rent boogie boards on the beach.

Weather in Playa Cocles

The weather at Playa Cocles does not follow the typical tropical dry and rainy season. The Caribbean side has a unique climate than the rest of Costa Rica, so it's humid and can rain year-round.

The summer months in the Caribbean are September and October and the rainiest months are usually June and November. February and March are generally drier and can be windy.

Cocles Strandhotels

There are a handful of hotels and hostels in Playa Cocles and you can find even more vacation rentals. First time in Puerto Viejo we stayed in a rented house near Cocles and the location is very convenient. There is a variety of accommodation to suit all budgets. Prices are in USD.

budget hotels

Hostal Posada Jaguar:This hostel is owned byJaguar rescue centerwhich is near Playa Chiquita. They have 4 bed dorms and private triple rooms.

Strandherberge 506:This hostel offers free WiFi, private parking and a shared kitchen on site. They have private rooms with shared bathrooms, dormitories and a private double room. A bed in a dormitory starts at $18 and a private room with a shared bathroom starts at $60.

Hostel My House:They have mixed dorms and private rooms and are very cheap. A bed in a dormitory starts from US$10. You are right next to Cantina Tasty Waves, a bar-restaurant with a lively nightlife.

Mid-range and high-end hotels

Caribbean:This beach complex features 5 private bungalows, a wet bar and spa. Two bungalows have air conditioning, great options for families and couples on their honeymoon as they also have a honeymoon bungalow.

Cariblue Beach and Jungle Resort:The hotel sits on 5 acres of grounds with an on-site restaurant and two pools, plus a swim-up bar. They have a variety of rooms including standard rooms, bungalows and beachfront apartments. The Totem Surf School and Aqua Caribbean Spa are also on the property, making it a solid choice for those who want those amenities.

El Camaleon Boutique-Hotel:If you are looking for something more luxurious, this 5-star hotel offers a restaurant, swimming pool, massage bar, yoga studio and spa. The air-conditioned rooms feature a flat-screen TV and an iPod docking station.

Physis Caribe B&B:This hotel has 4 rooms, one of which is specially designed for honeymooners. Good option if you want something more quaint and smaller.

Azania-Bungalows:Elegant country-style bungalows, all equipped with minibars and flat-screen TVs. The bungalows also have a private terrace with hammocks. Good choice for something different from your standard hotel room as each bungalow has a palm thatched roof giving the impression of a jungle building with modern amenities inside.

Natural recreation village:Very good property with 6 villas, each with terrace and hammock. Includes gourmet breakfast, an excellent option for couples looking for more privacy and personalized service.

community and city

Playa Cocles, Puerto Viejo: Malerischer Karibikstrand (5)

The municipality of Cocles is small but very proud of its beautiful beach and neighborhood. Compared to the city of Puerto Viejo, it's relatively quiet and peaceful as most of the craziness is concentrated in central Puerto Viejo.

Tasty Waves, the waterfront cantina, has the best nightlife in the area with karaoke night, trivia night, and live music, but otherwise, Cocles is laid-back.

It's a great place to stay in Puerto Viejo if you want to stay close to town but not too much, making it a great choice for families and couples who want more privacy.

There is a popular yoga studio called Om Yoga, which attracts yogis from all over the world, and a grocery store. As surfing in Playa Cocles is the most famous thing about the area, you will also see several camps and surf schools in Cocles. Locals love Beach Break!

You can see a little more of Playa Cocles and other Caribbean beachesblack beachin this aerial video below!

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Punta Uva-Strand


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