The best cruises for families of five (2023)

The best cruises for families of five (1)

The best cruises for families of five (2)

This tourist world was built for a family of four: two parents and two children. Adding a third child makes it even more difficult for a family of five to rent cars, hotel rooms and, of course, cruise ship cabins to accommodate their little ones. However, some cruises are more family-friendly than others, offering accommodations for up to five people.

Whether you're looking for a bargain or plenty of space at any price, you'll find the best cruise lines for a family of five here.

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disney cruise line

The best cruises for families of five (4)

disneyFamily travel is better than any other and the number one recommended option by front line agents for large families.

"One of the best solutions is Disney's Deluxe Family Ocean View Stateroom," says Rey Alton, travel consultant for Almeda Travel. Scattered throughout the fleet, with or without a private balcony, these cabins accommodate a family of five and feature a queen-size bed for the parents, a single sofa bed, a fold-down murphy bed, and a pull-out loft bed. The room is often cheaper than two connecting interior cabins, and all the children have their own bed instead of sharing one, he said.

Disney also offers suites that sleep five or more, as well as concierge-level cabins for families who want to leave dining and excursion reservations to others. Another blessing for a family of five? Most Disney cabins have two bathrooms, one with a shower/tub combination and sink and the other with a toilet and sink to make the preparation process easier.

royal caribbean

The best cruises for families of five (5)

royal caribbeanThe boats are among the largest at sea and can therefore accommodate a family of five. There are a variety of standard cabins available on the company's popular Oasis and Freedom Class ships, including inside cabins, ocean view cabins, and balcony cabins for five or even six people. Staterooms with five berths typically have a double sofa bed and a murphy bed; The six-berth cabins have two pull-out beds and a sofa bed, allowing families of five to accommodate each child in a separate bed.

Even the older cruise lines have some non-suite staterooms that are suitable for large families. However, if you have the budget for a suite, Royal Caribbean offers everything from the premier Ultimate Family Suite on Symphony of the Seas (sleeps eight). ) to Junior Suites, Penthouse Suites, Royal Suites, Aqua Theater Suites and Junior Family Suites on many ships.

norwegian cruise line

Breakaway and Breakaway Plus Coursesnorwegian cruise lineThere are family cabins with sea views, each with a 5-seater loveseat and pull-out bunk beds above. These rooms have larger than average bathrooms with double sinks, shower/tub combos, and room-wrapping drapes. Connecting cottages are also an option, and for those on the same budget as a family, Family Suites at The Haven offer additional space and access to a private pool, sundeck, restaurant, and concierge services.

Most of the company's older ships offer family suites for five or more, but families of five looking for standard cabins may have to make do with connecting cabins. Norwegian is known for its a la carte pricing, so families should take advantage of the company's various free at-sea special offers to receive perks like free third and fourth cabin fares, or meals, tours, and WiFi. Free in specialty restaurants. choose -Fi.


The best cruises for families of five (6)

For travelers looking for cheap cruises for a family of five,carnavalIt offers vacation options at cheaper prices than the expensive Disney prices. Dream class ships offer luxurious staterooms for five with ocean views, two upper berths and a sofa bed. The downside is that mom and dad have to sleep in two single beds. These rooms have two bathrooms: a standard bathroom with a shower only and a smaller half bathroom with a small shower/sink combination.

Deluxe Family Harbor Ocean View staterooms on Vista Class ships and newer ships offer a similar layout, as well as access to the Family Harbor Lounge, which offers snacks, games and TV. On some older and smaller Carnival ships, trundle beds or murphy beds can be added to the Standard Inside, Outside and Balcony Staterooms, which typically sleep four with two upper bunks. If you choose this route, expect late-night crowds and a lack of available terrain. The Family Harbor Suite, Deluxe Suite and Captain's Suite can also accommodate up to 5 people.

Tips for family cruises for five people

The best cruises for families of five (7)

There are many factors to consider when booking a cruise for a family of five. Here are some additional tips and rules of conduct for large families considering a vacation by the sea.

Book in advance.Brokers agree: Family Cabins, Rooms with Extra Bunk Beds, and Connecting Cabins are the first to sell out. Large families should book one year and 18 months in advance, especially during periods of high demand, such as school holidays.

"People will call for it to stop after eight months and I would say it's too late," Alton said. "You can find something, but it won't be perfect. Even link modules go fast. There aren't as many as people think."

Another reason to book in advance? "Even if there are five-person staterooms, if you reach the third and fourth limit of guests on board, you won't be able to book them," said Karen Malone, general cruise consultant for Travel Leaders Market Square Travel. Each ship has a maximum passenger capacity and a maximum number of additional berths. Once that number is reached, the company will no longer allow more than two to be booked in the cabin.

And if you're planning a cruise, the longer you wait to book, the more expensive holiday week flights to popular cruise ports can become.

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Get to know the reality of connecting pods.Connecting cabins don't always save you money compared to a 5-berth family cabin, as you pay for four full fare tickets and one reduced fare ticket, instead of two full fare tickets and three reduced fare A tickets. While it's handy to have two bathrooms and closets, you also have two doors, one of which you can't see from your bed if your kids are worried. Connecting doors can be in the way when open. In some cabins, connecting cabins are equipped with armchairs instead of sofas to save space.

You can also book balcony cabins and inside cabins across the aisle. Officially, you must book one adult per room, even if you change your sleep pattern after boarding the plane. "There's no bed cop," Malone said. Decide if you think your child will sleep in a separate room and you don't know who will go into it.

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Make a price.If you choose connecting cabins, family cabins or suites, check with your agent the prices of the different options. Once you see those numbers, you can decide how much an extra bathroom or concierge service is worth to you.

The best cruises for families of five (8)

Look at the total price.Third, fourth, and fifth passengers sharing a cabin often pay discounted cruise fares and sometimes receive complimentary promotional fares. However, even with free voyages, cruise lines charge all passengers daily gratuities, port fees, and government taxes.

Also consider the extras on board. Carnival and Disney tend to offer more free room service and dining options than Royal Caribbean and Norwegian. Find out which onboard attractions (escape rooms, laser tag, go-karts, high ropes, waterslides, etc.) charge and do not charge, and which private islands offer the best beaches and most fun amenities for those paying the most money.

If you receive a reservation offer, such as a complimentary beverage package or a meal at a specialty restaurant, make sure you know if the offer is for just the first two passengers or your entire family, and if additional gratuities or letter apply. little restrictive.

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