The best (literally) hotels with private pools in Greece (2023)

The best (literally) hotels with private pools in Greece (1)

The Mediterranean country is the unofficial holder of the private plunge pool patent, and here are some of the best hotels in Greece with private pools, easy to regulate this summer.

Grecia can get to 40 degrees in mid-summer, so sea breezes and proximity to the pool are a must. These hotels allow you to book a suite with a pool. How about that for you?luxury vacation?

Do you have any of these in your sights?The best hotels in Mykonosor a romantic getawayThe best hotels in Santorini, our selection of hotels in Greece where being able to take a dip in your own private pool is now a must.

For hotels in Crete with private pools, new arrivalsAcro-SuiteWith its aptly named Cave Suite, complete with a pool set in a cave, the wellness destination is ready to make you feel good in other ways, from smoothies and spa treatments to healthy dishes on the terrace of the restaurant, which is known as "nourishing". ". "A house'.

In the continent,slow lifeIn Epirus, guests are encouraged to slow down and relax in their own pool, but it would be rude not to.

If you want to watch the Santorini sunset from your private pool, give it a tryCanaves Oia MiniaturoAndronis Arcadia.Or follow in the elegant footsteps of Jackie OEliviIn Skiathos of the Sporades.

These are the best hotels with private pools in Greece:


Acro Suites, Creta

The best (literally) hotels with private pools in Greece (2)

"Acro" means "edge" in Greek and is located near the cliffs of Crete and you will soon understand why. The family of hoteliers behind this luxurious suite have extensive hands-on experience in their country's prized art of hospitality. The two sisters are the main protagonists, offering cave suites with pools under a grotto-shaped archway that leads to a sunny terrace (almost guaranteed) and a row of loungers.

There are also rooms with simple plunge pools, but their novelty value is much less. health experienceAcro-SuiteIncluding hammam, yoga and healthy and delicious food in the restaurant overlooking the sea, even the cocktails are made with herbs.

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Camp F, Kefalonia

The best (literally) hotels with private pools in Greece (3)

A day at this resplendent resort on Kefalonia's coast is likely to include yoga on the tree-lined terrace, movie nights with new friends in the open-air cinema, meditation sessions and guided walks. Travel; Doing sports yourself is not a burden thanks to the view from the open-air gym.

If that sounds too healthy for your usual favorite vacation, don't worry:seanThere are also free cocktails on the beach, arranged on loungers by the infinity pool overlooking the Ionian Sea, and two restaurants that make the most of the coastal setting.

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Elivi, Skiathos

The best (literally) hotels with private pools in Greece (4)

The sunny Sporades are perhaps known for being the firstoh, Whisper!Movies, but those in the know are longtime fans - Jackie O loved Skiathos and is as charming today as ever. 213-acre hilltop property on the islandEliviIt includes a spa, four restaurants, and six bars (including everything from classic fish taverns to steakhouses and Japanese fusion restaurants).

There is a nearby national park for hiking and direct access to four of the most beautiful beaches on the island. Rooms with private pools include options facing the sea, as well as some hidden in pine and olive groves.

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Wonder Slow Life, Epirus

The best (literally) hotels with private pools in Greece (5)

The islands can draw a lot of attention, but mainland Greece is also worth a visit, particularly the rugged and unknown region of Epirus in the north-west. Close to the charming old town of Preveza,slow lifeWe want you to relax and enjoy the good life. Breakfast is delivered right to your poolside paradise every time you wake up, and the rest of the day is just as relaxed.

Dine at one of the city's many seafood restaurants or sit back and admire the surrounding architecture. Each of the seven suites has its own pool and garden, as well as views of the sea.

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Canaves Oia Epitome, Santorini

The best (literally) hotels with private pools in Greece (6)

Away from Oia's sunset haunt, but within walking distance if you want to seek out the blue domes,Canaves Oia Miniaturhigh above Ammoudi Bay is the perfect Greek hotel with a private pool for those looking for more space.

Rooms are basically mini-villas (some even two-story) with fresh, modern interiors, though you'll likely spend most of your time on the terrace, which features a pool lined with loungers and walls made of volcanic rock specifically to insist on that. purpose This island is the best place to watch the sunset.

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Mykonos Bill y Koo Coast Suites

The best (literally) hotels with private pools in Greece (7)

The communal pool at sister hotel Bill & Coo Suites and Lounge, one of Mykonos' most sought-after hotels, may be doing its best to keep up (it's equipped with LED lighting in the first place), but it doesn't stand up to a chance. compared to the roomsBill & Coo Costa Inn & SuitesIt features a private plunge pool with hanging sun loungers.

The 15-suite hotel is also where you'll find the island's beef bar outpost on its private beach, accessible directly from the rooms, the perfect spot for ceviche and lunchtime shade.

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Eagles Villas, Calcídica

The best (literally) hotels with private pools in Greece (8)

At this resort on the mainland of Halkidiki, guests can enjoy six restaurants, including waterfront bistros and restaurants with menus designed by two-Michelin-starred chefs.

For families and groupsAdlervillaVillas with up to three bedrooms, with their own pool and garden. When you're ready to hit the road (which can take a while), the staff can arrange a yacht charter so you can explore the coast, including islands and more golden sands.

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Andronis Arcadia, Santorini

The best (literally) hotels with private pools in Greece (9)

Part of a series of hotels in Santorini, one on the cliffs of Oia and another with one of the best sunset views on the way to Imerovigli.Andronis ArcadiaBasically built where the coaches meet at the end of each day (exclusive, not included).

Instead of fighting for an outdoor seat, you have your own secluded outdoor area (with a private pool, of course) from where you can watch the sunset followed by a selection of great sushi by the main pool or a Gourmet meal at Pacman overlooking Oias' famous sunset view.

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The Olivar Suites, Corfu

The best (literally) hotels with private pools in Greece (10)

Bougainvillea brightens the grounds of this former olive mill on Messonghi beach in southeast Corfu, still covered in centuries-old olive trees. The individual suites are arranged like villages and blend seamlessly into their surroundings with their earthy tones.

They are also an art form of indoor-outdoor living, especially if you book a room with a private pool and garden. on the beach, guestsSuite OlivaThere is an opportunity to hide under the gazebo; At the spa, treatments take full advantage of the country's special resource (olive oil).

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Olea All Suites Hotel, Zante

The best (literally) hotels with private pools in Greece (11)

An all-suite hotel on the slopes of Zakynthos,OliveLocated on the northeast tip of the Ionian island, 10 minutes from the city, but with enough olive trees and a huge plunge pool to make you feel like you are miles away. The split-level pool has poolside sun lounger rooms so you can meet your neighbors or reserve a private pool room for your exclusive use. Menus at all three restaurants include Greek classics like saganaki and souvlaki, as well as sushi.

The aptly named Royal Spa is fit for royalty, with treatments from the German brand Babor and an outdoor pool for relaxation in sunny surroundings (even the exercise machines have views of the surroundings).

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Cook House, Samos

The best (literally) hotels with private pools in Greece (12)

On the less-touristed Greek island of Samos, near mainland Türkiye,cooking houseA water world with pools is available to guests, including some suites with private suites. It is very close to the airport (five minutes by car). There's a spa with a nail salon and hammam, yoga salads, and sunsets with regular DJ soundtracks.

The island was the birthplace of Pythagoras, an interesting fact, even if the hypotenuse hasn't been thought of in years.

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Verina Astra, Sifnos

The best (literally) hotels with private pools in Greece (13)

Another quieter island in Greece is Sifnos in the Cyclades. Here,Verina AstraEach room offers sea views, shaded terraces ideal for siestas and traditional stone walls. The main pool is very nice (that view), but if a private pool isn't worth it, book a Norma or Indus suite.

Neutral tones allow iridescent blue to take center stage, but the blinds are also available in soft pops of color. The island has all the whitewashed villages, blue-domed churches, and ancient streets you need.

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