Why doesn't my dryer turn? [Solved] - let us solve it (2023)

They wash their clothes, put them in the dryer just to find thatDo not become dryers.Verflixt! This wet laundry stack is not what you want to see, but this kind of problem is usually not very difficult to notice, although in some cases you can call experts.

Most of the time, this dryer, which does not spin, can be resolved, which is not bad, it is quickly home, but it can occasionally be serious enough to need a specialist to take a look or analyze it in the repair ofstore. In this case, the good news is that in 90% of cases can be easily repaired at no cost.

Why doesn't my dryer turn? [Solved] - let us solve it (1)

Check the electrical connection

If your dryer does not turn on, there may be an energy problem. The first thing to check is that it isWhen connectedIf you do not insert, place the cable at the output to restore the power supply.

If your dryer does not work, this may be due to some different things. If the dryer is connected, make sure the circuit switch is still on.A dryer switch was activatedPut -the retreating and lit again. If it doesn't work, you should call a professional.

Check the door switch

Your loversDryerBut it will not even fall with energy! We have the answer. If the dryer has a door switch, it can be simple.The switch was designed for the dryer to leave when the door opensOpen the door and close again to determine if the fall occurs again.

To solve the problem, first check that the door is completely closed. Contrary, adjust the door to close the whole path. It can be time to replace a replacement.

Before you start removing the dryer switch,Be sure to remove the dryerThen turn off the dryer yield before checking the door switch.

This way you can find out if the door switch is broken. First, follow the cables attached to the switch and remove the top of the device with a smoke knife. Now write the cables coming from the door switchMultimeter probes in each cableAnd try the circuit by spinning the switch up and down.

If you feel a little, you can replace a door switch with a replacement kit that has been found online. If you have no confidence in your ability, call a specialist.

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Broken flotability belt

Broken dryer strips are a common problem inolder machines.Foft makes your dryer aNoiseAs a result of a defective belt. In some cases, the sound of a dryer comes with a broken belt, which always occurs at a time when the least can deal with it.

Regardless of reason, you can solve the problem by following the following instructions. It's not hard work, and anyone who can do a screwdriver should be able to take care of it.

A often forgotten part, the dryer is the transmission handle.Belt the drum dryer.The transmission bracelet click is a common problem for dryers. This can beDue to age and belt wearOr it may be due to the lack of or broken. To replace the old belt, you must find the appropriate belt for your dryer. These information can be found on the manufacturer's website by inserting the model of your introduction to the dryer button and.

If your dryer's belt is broken,You have to get a new.

  1. Remove the front of the dryer and Schott.
  2. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to appear in a new belt.


Your dryer's belt class is a small but important piece of hardware.maintains the voltage in the transmission strapso that it can remain in the drum and cannot slide.loose or damagedThe belt cannot remain on the surface of the drum, which leads to itDo not become dryersProduction.

AAccess to the CORREA DISC SETFollow the following instructions:

  1. Finding the firm album in a dryer is simple: just remove the upper and front fields and find them next to the engine. This device holds the handle around the drum.
  2. Push the handle around the engine and then you can get the pulley.
  3. Replace the handle with a new one, strand the belt with the inactive disc and connect to the engine again.

Drum rolo spending

It is probably yoursdryerIt has a drum roller. The dryer needs drum rollers to work properly. Fast all dryers have two drum support scooters, but some also have four more in front of the drum. This drum roll must spin freely so thatYour laundry machine does not work properly, the case is, the engine is checked and the machine for.

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The drum rollers make a big difference in the function of your dryer. If used, the drum will not be as easy as it should.Try to turn the drum manually.Yes I knowIt doesn't become so wellAs you think, check the wear rollers.

If one or more of the rollers are used, it isIt is better to replace them all togetherTo avoid future problems.

Damaged battery slide

If the dryer does not rotate during a cycle, it may be that theDrum objects (also called lines) are used.This small pieces of plastic admire the front of the drum while spinning. During the time, sliding control will stop working and the drum does not spin.

If your dryer drum seems rigid, it may be necessary to replace the slides. Tromule slides will come in pairs so that they need to replace them all..If it is, replace them with a new

Expenditure drum

The drum bearing is located at the back of the drum drum.Support the weight of the drum.The overwhelming is used, which can lead to other problems. In this case, the engine can work too muchDo not become dryers/To work.

If you areListen to a strange soundOr to note that something does not work correctly, remember what you hear or experience and replace it as soon as possible to avoid further problems.

To find out if the battery room does not work with the dryer belt, remove the belt andTurn the drum manuallyTo see if it gets free.Makes noise shrillSo you shouldReplace the battery room.

Incorrect transmission engine

The transmission engine is part of the dryer, designed for drum rotation and the fan cycle.The dryer runs, pause and then climb againThis indicates that the engine is overheated.The engine cools.

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First remove the engine handle and make sure the blower wheel is clean. If it is clear that it is clearTry to turn the drum manuallyIf the drum does not turn with your hand, it should examine what the speed decreases. I consider the belt again and turn on the engine to see if it works.And the belt is not yet the problem, you canGet a new transmission mechanism.

Dry -control

It is assumed that the dry control plate turn off the dryer when the clothes are the right level of drying.You can stop too early if you are defectiveBut this rarely happens, if you try it, try to repair the other pieces before replacing them. If your parts work well, replace the dry control plate.

Check the thermal fuse

The thermal fuse should protect the dryer by cutting the resistance when it is too heated, ifLagoIts dryer continues to heat up, but the spiders will not happen because theThe engine is not running.

If we find the thermal fuse. It should be just behind the blower and engine at the back of the dryer.

  1. Pull the lid and move the wall dryer.
  2. Remove the rear of the dryer with a screwdriver or plug key.
  3. Wake up with the thermal fuse cables and remove the screw that remains.
  4. Replace the thermal fuse and then add it all again.

The thermal fuse is a way of preventing an overheated dryer from melting a fire.A blown fuse may be the sign of another problemIf your thermal fuse is flying, check other components, p.b. Wiring or heating element to damage.

Your bathroom is the key to keeping your home clean.DryerYou should do more work at home. We have this guide help you put your dryer in operation again.

Why doesn't my dryer turn? [Solved] - let us solve it (2)

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