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Learning 2023Windows Universal Direct RevisionAnd find out what consumers and contractors are saying about their windows and siding.

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Universal Windows Direct feedback edited

Universal Windows Direct is an Ohio-based company headquartered in Cleveland. The company mainly sells UniShield Plus, which is actually the Polaris ThermalWeld range - very good vinyl windows. I wouldn't put the windows on the top floor, but it's not far from UltraWeld's range, so upgrade range. Universal Windows Direct also supplies windows, siding, doors and windows to a regional customer base.

Universal Windows Directwindowsreceive4.45 out of 5 stars based on12 Windows Universal Direct RevisionThe next.

Dane – Website Editor

Universal Windows pricing deals

I am looking for windows in Lorain, Ohio 44053. First offer was 21,000.00 for 14 windows. universal window sliding patio door ok think fair price windows just any suggestion

- Owners - from 2023

[response from site editor]

It's not a terrible price, but it exceeds my expectations for this window and offers very solid performance. I would collect more so you can get a fair estimate of the item's price range.

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Dane – Website Editor – Apr 2023

Oferta Universal Direct Plus Line

Hi Dane, We have received a quote from Universal Direct for our farm project. It's a feeling, not just a window replacement. Some windows were larger than the original windows they replaced, but all the windows required new frames. We need a total of 10 windows, 2 exterior doors and 1 sliding patio door with 3 panels (only the middle window can be moved). All windows are black with prairie style grills.

Universal lists its Plus Collection at $51,648. The impact of the label is part of your point of sale. They lowered that price for a few minutes when they "used the bathroom". He then came back and said that if I could get them to put up a yard sign, he could bring the price down to $39,875, effectively becoming his flagship sign, but only if we signed it today.

Basically I let him go straight to the point, we would never fall for it, it would take a few days to process and get back to him. But not if that price is just today's price. It's back to $36,000. I told him again that we need a few days. I'll do some research on some of the brands you recommend, but I was wondering what you think of the $36,000 windows and general build/installation framework. We like the look and construction of the windows.

Bonnie - owner - since 2023

[response from site editor]

Now, that's not an approach I like to see, and it doesn't seem to be working particularly well for consumers, but these people aren't the only ones using it. Although they sell a nice Polaris ThermalWeld window, I don't think I can tell you if the price is right on a three door, to be honest these tend to be well rounded, especially the sliders on the three door panels. Also, the black exterior can be expensive if custom built... I think you need to get four bids and then we can reevaluate. I thought your deals would be ubiquitous, but I could be wrong :)

Dane – Website Editor – Apr 2023

Universal Windows UniShield y Zen Classic Pro

Dane, I need help with these 3 appointments. I live in Minnesota.

3 large triple casement windows replaced with full replacement casement windows. 2 measure 80 x 64 inches and 1 measures 76 x 84 inches and has a half circle at the top.

Possibly another 10 years in the home.

Is the Unishield comparable to the Classic Pro since the price difference is huge?

Do you recommend getting quotes from other companies?

Installation price:

Universal Windows: $9,190

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Polaris UniShield - I think it's Thermaweld, but I'll confirm

Zen: 11.830 $

Soft Lite Classic Pro

Outside of Minnesota: $12,784

provia hold on


Todd - Owner - As of 2022

[response from site editor]

Todd, I think you're right when you say that Polaris UniShield is the Thermaweld series. Honestly all good windows. I guess I'll make my choice based on the expected length of stay in the home and the good and bad reviews from the various installers. For example, "Zen Windows in the Twin Cities" seems to have good reviews. Yes, I could equate Soft-Lite classic Plus and Thermalweld.

Dane – Website Editor – Apr 2022

[Todd's response]

Thanks for the information Dan. Both companies have excellent installation reviews. Zen offers free upgrades to the Pro Series, but they cost $2,500 more than Universal's Steve the Window Guy/Thermaweld. We plan to live here for about 10 more years. We lean towards Thermaweld.

Todd - Owner - As of 2022

Universal Windows and Apex Direct

I have Universal Windows Direct, Apex Energy Solutions, and Inside Out (Anderson Windows) posting window deals this week. I want to replace 8-10 double casement windows. Are there other window companies you should consider? I don't care about Bee Windows. I don't like how they push sales. I'm also not interested in Pella windows. I wouldn't go to a big box store because the installation is as important (or more important) to me than the quality of the window itself.

Karl - owner - since 2022

[response from site editor]

Carl, this is my big window recommendation...

[Emaildane@replacementwindowsreviews.coyour suggestion]

Dane – Website Editor – Apr 2022

UniShield Plus Windows de Universal Windows Direct

Dane, I am replacing 4 windows in a condo in New Jersey. I received a cash offer from Universal Windows Direct for UniShield Plus windows for $5,028 or $4,525. Your estimator puts the project at $2280. Are the windows of good quality and do you think the price is reasonable?

Pete - Owner - As of 2022

[response from site editor]

Pete, I think this window is a premium window and if you were to replace the entire frame, my price would be $3520, which I think is fair. Anytime I see prices over $1,000 per window, I recommend getting a few more quotes to see what happens. This could be a reasonable price depending on what needs to be done with the existing frame and/or docking stations. It could simply be that the offer was too high. The only way to find out is to bid more often.

Dane – Website Editor – Apr 2022

Windows Universal Direct Offer

Hello! I live in the Indianpolis area and am trying to find replacement windows for a foreclosed home I recently purchased. All current windows arelow end vinylIt was installed when it was built 25 years ago and only a few of these are still sealed so there is no air conditioning and my power bill definitely shows that. I plan to stay here for 30-40 years, so I'm looking for an ideal long-term solution, but there are so many projects to restore the house right now that the budget is tight.

Universal Windows Direct came out today and identified 19 windows (with interior cross bars as required by my HOA) and one sliding glass door to be replaced with a verbal offer of only $25,000(!): "These are the most energy efficient windows." "The big plus is that the windows will stay in my possession for life and go to the next owner for 30 years, so they definitely have their back. He wasn't pushy, which was a good thing, but I didn't get a written offer either. , so I don't know the exact model of the window, as he knew it was still at the beginning of the investigation, so he talked more and told me about windows in general, explain that I thought if I call "I could easily get information accurate. The deals are good until the state fair closes at the end of the month," he said. "Now if I do just one window, they tie the price on all other windows for up to two years, which they like to do, too."

1- Honestly, how much should I pay for "perpetual" windows in today's environment?

2- Bee window andAnderson contract extensionIt should be out next week, but your website gave me a hint that they're even more expensive. Should I cancel with you?

3- Who should I talk to about "forever" windows in Indiana, where it's 0 degrees this winter and 95 degrees this summer? Is there something else I'm missing that requires my attention?

I love your site! Thanks for the advice!

Chad – Owners – As of 2022

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[response from site editor]

Chad, the windows sold by Universal Windows Direct aren't bad, but probably not what I would recommend for long-term use. Get Renewal offers, but expect $2,000 per window. I would look at the following list...

Dane – Website Editor – Apr 2022

[Chadian response]

Thanks for your reply! I'll go down the list as suggested, but there's one point of confusion: Universal Windows Direct called me asking for a "special discount" to match the price to $21,300, and I was able to purchase a few more. about Windows is accurate - it isPolaris Hot WeldApparently! Does that change your opinion of them as they would be included in the excellent list you provided, or am I missing something else about them here?

If they offer a full life cycle job replacement, what happens to them in a long-term residency scenario? Is it really hard to get a free replacement? I have learned a lot about this entire company and I appreciate their insights which help me communicate with each one of them.

Thanks again!

Chad – Owners – As of 2022

[response from site editor]

Chris, yeah, that definitely changed my mind! Great windows and the price drop is huge. They certainly have a good warranty, I just always wonder if they came out in year 15 and replaced the windows... but that's my cynicism.

Dane – Website Editor – Apr 2022

Costo de Universal Windows Direct Classic

Thanks for the information. There are currently two deals that fit our price range: Universal Windows Direct/Unishield Classic ($1,930) or Plus ($2,326) and Lowes/common series 5900($2833). Your thoughts?

- Owners - from 2022

[response from site editor]

I think the $1930 Universal Windows Direct/Unishield Classic is my pick.

Tim – Editor of the web site – from 2022

Universal Windows What Windows sells directly

So how can I get my projects done without paying those ridiculous margins? I used his estimate and got about $4,600 total. Do I buy Windows and find an installer myself? Does the brand you gave me have a list of installers they work with?

By the way, I used the link below and the first call I got was from Universal Windows. They immediately start talking about space age technology coming through their windows.

Richard - owner - since 2021

[response from site editor]

Richard, the cost calculators are not accurate anymore, at least for now, they are not accurate… they are not in line with what is happening in this industry and what the needs are demanding. All the brands I ship use a local dealer or installer. So you need to find a local business that sells them in your zip code.

Universal Windows often sellsPolaris Ultraweld, it's actually a pretty cool window, although it was space age I don't think so :)

One reason for all the price increases is the rising cost of public services, a vicious cycle that leads to the inflationary trends we are seeing.

I think my only real suggestion is to get four or five offers and see which one seems to be the best value.

Dane – Website Editor – Apr 2021

Universal Windows Direct Pricing

Hello Danes and team. A somewhat deceptively simple case. I just bought a condo in MO 63043 and it has two windows that need to be replaced. Ground floor, garden style, double hung. I received offers from 3 potential clients:

Windows Universal Direct: 2007 $
They told me they use Polaris but no other company in the area uses them. You didn't provide any details, but I suspect it's ThermaSheild renamed UltraSheild Plus.
Estimated time: 14-16 weeks

country window: 1965 dollars
I think they use the HarborLight midrange.
Estimated time: 14-16 weeks

Penny Window: $1,253
They are local and they tell me they use itIndustrias MGM(?) for your windows, but I can't find much outside.
22 - 24 weeks estimated time

I'm having a hard time deciding if $1,000 per window is ridiculous or if that's the price I'm paying for starting this job in the middle of a pandemic-constrained supply chain. Overall reviews from Universal and WN are also very similar (generally positive, with some people having notable experiences with both).

I like the price of the Penny Windows, but the schedule is crazy and I'm not sure of the type and quality of the window (other than what I found on the MGM website). They will also bill me for the county license they need to do this job. But $1,453 is still a better price.

(Video) How to pass the Hazard Perception Test 2023 | Your questions answered! | UK Theory Test 2021

Do you have any other suggestion or clarification? Are these offers reasonable? I need to get something and show it to my district or my residence permit will not be issued.

Aarin - owner - since 2021

[response from site editor]

Aarin, a good start... do me a favor and take a lookVentana Zen and St LouisThey get great reviews, let's see how they use their Nirvana range (actually Soft-Lite Classic, a very solid vinyl window).

I'd be interested to see how your prices compare as I've seen your deals seem fair lately...

Dane – Website Editor – Apr 2021

Unicorp – Prodigy Energy Saver Plus XPS Windows

What do you think of Unicorp's Prodigy Energy Saver Plus XPS Windows?

Krystal - owner - since 2021

[response from site editor]

Krystal, I don't really know much about this window. I did some research and they seem to have good reviews, but other than that I don't know. I wish I knew more.

Tim – Editor of the web site – from 2021

Windows Direct Universal and Unishield Plus

Tim, I am thinking of replacing my 21 windows which are original 1971 double hung single pane with shutters.first class, first classCome in, the price is $17,500 or $830 per window. Seems high, but I got an offer from Universal Windows Direct for Unishield Plus for $16,500. This is a dual vertex window versus a triple vertex window.

Both quotes seem high to me. What other brands should I get a quote on?

For reference, I live in Indianapolis, IN and plan to live in the house for another 5-15 years.

Thank you so much

Steve - Owner - 2020 onwards

[response from site editor]

At first glance, they are really big. Here are my recommendations on who to get a quote from:

[list included here]

Tim - Website Editor - since 2020

Polaris Ultraweld de Universal Windows Direct

Hi Dane, maybe I was wrong. I've been working on presentation settings trying to understand Windows. Two days ago I finally gave up, feeling like I was stressed and probably didn't make a good decision. I hope you will contact me today as I have a 3 day no penalty cancellation policy. I need to replace 18 windows. No additives, just icy white vinyl windows. 15 double wings, 1 slider, 3 small bows.

this is forPolaris Ultra Weld(I believe). This is accomplished through Universal Windows Direct. I offer $14,800. After reading your rating it seems high. Should it be somewhere between $10,000 and $11,000? I contacted the sales manager and he told me that I could get an UltraWeld window for less, but it would come with metal gaskets instead of his company's manufactured Ultra gaskets.

Also, I don't get an unconditional lifetime warranty and this is transferable to the next owner within 30 years. With UltraWeld with metal spacers, I only get a 20 year prorated warranty. Is all this true? How much do you think I should pay for these windows? I am in the St. Louis, Missouri area.

Cindy - Owner - since 2019

[response from site editor]

Cindy, here are some points. First, I personally wouldn't choose a company that pressures you to sign up today, unless it's a bargain and you're trying to keep your installation team busy (ie filling the daylight hours). That is not the case here. That offer seems pretty high to me.

The Polaris Ultraweld features the Intercept spacers, which are pretty good. It's a stainless steel alloy, so it's pretty much on par with a super spacer.

Polaris offers a lifetime warranty on its windows, but you probably won't get the same warranty on labor (never a lifetime warranty). Check out the Polaris warranty at this link - it's a long page and goes into great detail.Polaris Warranty

I will ask for more offers to see what else is out there and what prices are being offered. I think you can get a better deal. Do a Google search for "Simonton windows in Cleveland, Ohio" (if you don't live in Cleveland, enter your specific city and state) to see which local businesses carry the recommended brands below. Sunrise, Okna, Soft Lite, Polaris,Kensington、Vytex y Zen.

Dane - Website Editor - since 2019

Universo Windows Direct Polaris UniShield Plus

Universal Windows Direct sells Polaris UniShield Plus, but I have no idea what window it actually is. I checked the Polaris website and they sell three windows:Polaris ValueSmart, ThermaWeld and UltraWeld. I am replacing 14 windows, all double casement windows and a sliding glass patio door. UWD offered $8,310 for the project and ProVia offered $14,200 for Endure. Which offer do you think is better?

Steven - Owner - since 2018

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[response from site editor]

Steven, Polaris UniShield Plus, I believe in your ThermalWeld mid-range windows. It's a good midrange window. HeProVia ResistanceDefinitely better, but the price difference is huge. Assuming you like UWD and think the install would be fine, then that's my choice.

You may want to see more offers.

Tim - Website Editor - since 2018

Polaris UniShield Plus frente a Windows 500 Deluxe

I am looking for two Universal Windows replacement windows, but I have different contractors. one isWindows 500 Deluxe(energy saving package). The other is Polaris (UniShield Plus). Which windows do you think are better? Same guaranteed. Thanks for your help.

Robert - Owner - since 2018

[response from site editor]

Robert, I would choose the Okna 500 DX over the Polaris Unishield Plus. Universal rebrands Polaris windows and sells Unishield Classic, the Polaris ValuSmart window, and UniShield Plus, ThermalWeld. ThermalWeld is a decent window, but Okna 500 DX is the better of the two.

Dane - Website Editor - since 2018

Universal Windows Direct Plus with . Vertex Power Solutions

Hi Dane, I'm in Charlotte, NC thinking about replacing 22 windows. I have two quotesVertex Power Solutionsand Universal Windows Direct Plus. They are close, but I'm trying to tell the difference in quality and other information about the company. Apex offers only 1 Windows Flagship product, while Universal has 4 types, we are looking at the second tier (Plus).

Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Mike - Owner - since 2018

[response from site editor]

Mike, I don't know enough about either company to give you an informed opinion. I'm more likely to hear better news about Universal Windows Direct than about Apex Energy Solutions. Based on that, I'd go for Universal Windows Direct, but would ask them to give you some performance metrics for the family of Windows you're considering. I would pay special attention to air infiltration, it should not be higher than 0.12.

That's overkill for a decent mid-range vinyl window. Feel free to send me the data and I'll be happy to give you my opinion on it.

Dane - Website Editor - since 2018

Unishield Plus and Ply Gem Windows

We would like to replace our patio doors. You recommendpolygram¿O Unishield Plus? Gracias.

Maria - Owner - since 2016

[response from site editor]

First of all, Mary, I'm sorry it took me so long to get back to you. Email was lost. I don't know much about Universal Windows Direct, but I did check out their website.

It seems that both Ply Gem and Universal make decent doors and windows, both probably of average quality. Ply Gem is clearly the larger company with some positives in terms of warranty, overall company strength, and parts.

Universal is more regional and has some advantages: they both sell and install doors, so if you have any problems you know exactly who to turn to. Assuming you like Unishield Plus patio doors and are happy with the warranty and installation team, you'd probably choose them simply because they take care of the whole project. So if there is something, no matter who is responsible, there will be problems in the future.

I am assuming you are in Ohio and there are some good companies selling patio doors in your area. look at oursOhio Replacement WindowsFor more comparison pricing and options, go online and get more deals from local companies that ship to your city. I'd put the top two or three companies on the list in Tier 1, and Wallside is probably right up there with their favorites. Good luck and let me know how it turns out!

Dane - Website Editor - since 2016

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